New York Times

2-4-6-8 Persuasive Speech
Guidelines, Formatting, and Speaking tips
Basic Overview of Researched Speech
Final speech must cite at least two sources. You should
include both a point and a counter-point.
Final speech must be between 3-4 minutes in length. This
includes introduction, body, and conclusion. A strong
speech will include a counterpoint paragraph.
Working bibliography must include at least six reliable
sources. Avoid sources that hurt your credibility (including
Final speech must include eight PowerPoint slides. These
slides are untimed and you can advance them with a clicker.
Day One Goals
Pick a topic
Read the overview and linked articles on New
York Times website.
Search the web to find useful articles. You will be
arguing for one side, but reading about the
other’s side’s argument helps you develop a
Save links for at least six articles. Avoid articles
that are going to hurt your credibility. This
includes Wikipedia and agenda-based political
organizations .
Citing Websites in MLA
Creating Working Bibliography Notes
Notice the “hanging indent” and double-spaced heading.
Jacobson, Michael. “Liquid Candy: How Soft Drinks are Harming Americans’ Health.”
UCLA Health Policy. 2 Oct. 2013. Web. 13 Mar. 2015.
“In 2004 American spent $66 billion on carbonated drink…That works out to about $850
per household—enough to buy a computer and a year’s worth of internet access”
Carbonated soft drinks account for about 7% of all calories consumed by Americans
making them the number one most consumed food in America (Jacobson).
Males age 12-29 are the biggest consumers of soda and they average about 2.5 12 once
sodas a day. One out of every 20 people in this category drink more than five cans a day.
Females in the same age category drink about two cans a day (Jacobson ).
One reason for the large qualities of pop consumed on a daily basis is the increased
container size. In the 1950’s soda most commonly was served in 6.5 oz bottles. By the
1960’s the 12 oz. can became the most popular container. This was replaced by the 20 oz
bottle in the 1990’s and again by the 24 oz. bottle in this century (Jacobson ).
Tips for Taking Quality Research Notes
• Make sure your MLA heading is formatted correctly.
Don’t trust Noodle Tools or Citation machine to not make
• Most of your notes should be paraphrases or summaries.
• Use quotes when the author words something especially
well. Be absolutely sure to use quotation marks on
quotes when taking these notes. This avoids plagiarism.
• Notes should be 2-5 sentences in length. Notes should
NEVER be short, vague bullet points.
• Every one of your notes should end with an internal
citation. Web Example: (Jones) or (eHow).