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Headteacher: Mr J Kimberley
January 2015 Newsletter
Dear Parents and Carers,
I write to wish you a belated “Happy New Year” and to share with you some of my early thoughts
since my start here in January.
I have been really impressed with what I have seen so far and it has been a pleasure to meet some of
you in the playground before school. I will normally be in school on a Monday, Tuesday and a
Wednesday but I will come to school on a Thursday and Friday from time to time as I do want to
share in the things that we do on those days such as the Friday “Praise Assembly” and the “Early
Morning Open House” session that we have for most of our classes on a Friday.
The children are delightful and it has been so pleasing to see them at work during the day.
As I am sure you appreciate I have been busy getting to know how St Gregory’s works, asking
questions about how we do things and why we do things in the way that we do. I have been really
impressed with the efforts put in by all the staff as they seek to give all of the children the best
possible time that they can in school. The school had a lovely “settled” feel from the very earliest
days of this term and Mrs Rolnik and Mrs Chapman (now that is confusing) have also settled into the
school particularly quickly.
I can share some dates with you so that you can get these in the diary or put them on the calendar.
More dates will follow with further information in later Newsletters. Here are some of those dates:
2nd – 4 th February 2015 Year 5 to Leeson House – you know about this already
9th February 2015 Hains visit to Longleat
13th February 2015 School closed to children – Staff Inset
23rd and 25th February 2015 Parent Consultation Evenings – appointments to follow
3rd March 2015 Tapshays visit to the Westway Cinema in Frome (morning)
3rd March 2015 Pilwell visit to Bison Farm
5th March 2015 World Book Day
After Half Term – Walton visit to Corfe Castle
Could I ask you to contact Chartwell online to cancel any lunches that are not required when children
are on a visit. It is important that children receiving a Free School Meal (any child in Key Stage 1), also
have that cancelled. While these meals are free to parents the school is still charged for any meal
We see all of our visits as valuable “Educational Experiences” that we can use to develop the
children and their learning from that “First Hand Experience”
“Early Morning Open House” Session
As you will know we offer you the opportunity to come into class with your son or daughter for a
brief “see what they have been doing “ time on a Friday for most of our classes. This session begins
at 8.45 when the children are collected from the playground and you are able to come in with them
and staff. The session needs to close by 9am to allow staff to continue with the day. I am sure that
you appreciate that staff cannot discuss any issues with you at this time as they need to manage the
whole class including children whose parents are not able to come in on any of these opportunities.
Mrs Rolnik holds her “Early Morning Open House” session on a Thursday as she does not work on a
Friday. I have agreed with her that the session can be a little longer to give you the chance to engage
in some activities with our youngest children. That session will close at 9.10am if you are able to
Easter dates
I will provide you with dates for activities related to the Easter Festival as they are finalised.
Reverend Colin Greene
As many of you will know we will be saying “goodbye” to Reverend Greene in the near future. I will
write with more details when I have them.
Road Safety issues
I have had a visit from one parent who was concerned about the road and parking in front of the
school. I note a lot of correspondence about this over time and believe that the Parish Council has
also been asked to consider this. We will continue to try to make things a little safer out there and I
would ask you to be as considerate as you can over parking and to keep pavements “open” for those
walking or pushing buggies. Thanks for your help over this. The Crown car park is “open” too.
Emergency Closure Procedure
If we are in a situation where we need to close the school for the day we will alert you by text
message as soon as possible. As I am sure you appreciate this decision is never taken lightly but
nearly all of the teaching staff live a distance from school and we must always consider their Health
and Safety and the situation here in Marnhull for you travelling to school where conditions are
difficult and possibly hazardous. Please do let us know if you have changed your number.
Yours in Learning
John Kimberley