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Mitcham 1st TEAM
Surrey President 15
Saturday 24th April
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Welcome and thank you for joining us today to celebrate the
75th anniversary of Mitcham RFC. I would in particular like to
thank Surrey Rugby for arranging the opposition, the playing
and kit and of course all the players and guests from across
the county. As Mitcham RFC reaches this milestone it does
so with all 3 teams having good seasons with the team today
in the Surrey Bowl final next weekend at Imber Court. This is
quite an achievement for a team that has seen a high
turnover of players in the last couple of seasons. With the
emphasis this season on bringing through new players and
raising skill levels through coaching and it appears to be
paying dividends.
Other areas of the club are also flourishing with the under
14's being promoted and the mini's winning a couple of
trophies at rugby festivals this season. With the colts
providing players for both the 1st and 3rds this season the
continuation and success of the mini's and midi are vital for
the long term future of the senior sides.
I hope you all enjoy the game and share a few stories and
drinks after with players young and not so young who I am
sure will be willing to tell you of their glory days.
Last of all I want to thank the committee and all the
volunteers at Mitcham RFC, without whose efforts the club
simply couldn't function.
Peter Hegarty
Chairman Mitcham RFC
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1. Jeremy Shallow, 27 years old, 2yrs in 1st team.
Jezz has been a rock on the left side of the scrum this year,
when his missus lets him play that is.
2. Ben Kilner, 26, 5.
Would be the complete hooker if it wasn’t for his throwing
in.….and scrummaging…..and open play…..and……you get the
3. Scott “Mute” Robinson, 26, 5.
Rents a small room in Adam Bailey's house. I'd never bother
speaking either.
4. Sam “Horse” Bardwell, 33, 10.
Highly versatile forward, exceptional fitness, lineout captain,
general all round hero. Not bad at writing match day programmes
5. Martin “Daffyd” Timms, 36, 6.
Will talk the hind legs off a donkey . His rugby hero is Gareth
6. Adam Bailey, 29, 8.
Has a reputation for being soft, which is nonsense – he is
actually very soft. Tiny eyes.
7. Mark “Wig Arse” Whittall, 28, 10.
A first team regular for ten years Mark’s rugby ability is only
topped by his ridiculous collection of belt buckles. Not funny.
8. Simon “Nipples” Barnard, 28, 3.
Today’s captain, Simon has cemented a place at number 8 this
season despite having the pace of a brick. Loves telling the referee
the correct “interpretation” of the laws.
9. Ryan “Ritchie” Jones, 18, 1.
Live wire scrum half fresh from the youth section of the club.
Keeps us all amused with Ritchie Cunningham impressions.
10. Pete “Princess” Zsitvai, 31, 3.
Hungarian international - would play more often but
generally misses meet times “doing his hair”.
11. Adrian Van Rensburg, 30, 3.
Stocky, powerhouse winger, if you want to talk to him
sober make sure it’s within ten minutes of the final whistle –
even that’s no guarantee.
12. Carl “Two Pints” Donaldson, 31, 3.
Hard running, big hitting, kiwi centre. Fat.
13. Neville “Crowbar” Moriarty, 34, 11.
First team stalwart, Nev has been the seasons top try
scorer on many occasions, a fact he will not hesitate to tell
anyone unlucky enough to get stuck at the bar with him.
14. Dave “The Whisper” Anthony, 24, 1.
New boy on the block, no one knows anything about
him as never opens his mouth. Good job, as the rumours
are he’s very dull.
15. Wayne “Chav” Bryant, 25, 5.
Wayne is impressively back playing after fracturing a
vertebrae last season. Never give him the valuables bag.
1st Team Bench
16. Lee Robinson, 22, 3.
Great technical scrummager for one so young.
Rumours that this is down to his size are substantiated by
the fact that we don’t have a shirt that fits him.
17. Andy “Pies” Ribbans, 30 , 2.
So addicted to facebook he gives status updates about
breathing in and out.
18. Alex Gale, 18 , 1.
19. Conrad “Frank” Murray, 36 , 12.
Where do you start? You haven’t played against
Mitcham until you’ve been smacked by Conrad. Coming
back from yet another injury Connie simply refuses to
realise he’s past it.
20. James “Mammoth” Terrell, 18 , 1.
Ginger, ginger, ginger. Takes all the heat off Ryan
21. Jake Odell,18 , 1.
Lanky streak of piss and will not shut up. Not important
enough to have anything else written about him.
Alex Grieve, 24.
Steering us to a cup final, Alex has taken a player/coach
role this season. Should stick to coaching.
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the Spirit of Rugby to the Community, without Exclusion
We welcome the assistance of Sportsmatch in delivering
these objectives (www.sportsmatch.co.uk)
Good Luck
Play Fair & May the Best Teams Win!
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Rugby Union Football is now good news, big news: the game is a
success story, more players, more spectators, more exposure on
TV, more column-inches in the papers! And the base-plate to all of
this: our rugby community clubs, clubs clearly focused on the needs
of their vicinities, promoting and developing the game across their
immediate localities, providing rugby opportunities of all kinds to the
young and the not so young for among their near neighbours.
For 75 years now, Mitcham Rugby Club have been proudly flying the
Rugby Union flag in South-West London, and Surrey Rugby is proud
to part of the celebrations marking this significant milestone in the
club’s history. Sustaining the game in a metropolitan borough is not
without its challenges, and Mitcham are to be congratulated on the
way in which over the years they have risen to these, witness the 16
sides, including three senior XVs, regularly taking the field.
Particularly worthy of mention and commendation is the work
currently being undertaken in schools across the borough for which
it has been designated by Merton as its ‘Community Sports Club of
the Year’.
Assembling a side to celebrate Mitcham’s achievements over the
years has been a sheer pleasure and I know a fair and entertaining
game will ensue. Mitcham have pulled out all the stops to make
today memorable and Surrey’s gratitude goes to them. Here’s to the
next 75 years and as ever to Rugby Union’s enduring core values teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline and sportsmanship.
May one and all enjoy this afternoon.
Fred Batchelor
President, Surrey Rugby
1.James Blashfield - Reigate
2.Richard Holmden - O.Glynonians
3.Dave Manning - Reigate
4.Alex Hacking - CL London
5.Lee Cartwright - Reigate
6.Andrew Turner - Reigate
7.John Grant - O.Wandsworthians
8.Gavin Welsh - O.Walcountians
9.Warren Fourie - O.Walcountians
10.Harry Whitely - O.Emanuel
11.Simon King - Reigate
12.Jake Fordham - O.Emanuel ( Capt.)
13.Adam Creed - O.Radleians
14.Ben Essex - O.Glynonians
15.Germain Otoo - O.Glynonians
16.Sam Drew - O. Glynonians
17.Pieter JV.Vuuren - Raynes PK
18.Patrick McMeekin - O. Rads.
19.Struan Robertson - CL London
20.Paul Daniels - Raynes Pk.
21.Chris Venn - Raynes Pk.
22.James Vivian - CL London
23.Daniel Vantomme - Raynes Pk
Coach: Rob Park - O. Emanuel
Physio: Jennie Hunt
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Mitcham Rugby Football Club is a small but ambitious club
founded in 1935 - we are celebrating our 75th anniversary this
year! Situated in Poulter Park which straddles the borders
of Mitcham, Morden and Carshalton, we currently run 3 senior
teams, plus a Vets side and have a thriving Mini & Youth Section.
Formerly Old Mitchamians, the club has shown the ability to adapt
and succeed in the face of adversity and change.
R.A. (Reg) Brown was the first Captain, holding the post for five
seasons, with the first match being played against the Bantams at
Raynes Park – losing 52-3. At the 50th Anniversary Dinner, held at
RFU Headquarters Twickenham, J.B. (Barry) Pritchard was Guest
Speaker on behalf of the Old Mitchamians. He mentioned that the
Club went into limbo during the Second World War and started up
again in 1945 with E.A (Eddie) Goldbourne as Captain and playing
one match against the School.
The first full season of fixtures came in 1947/48 with Barry himself
as Captain – a post he held for the ensuing four seasons. 1953/54
produced the best playing record – losing 1 game out of 27 and
scoring 431 points to 54. Before settling onto Figges Marsh and
eventually Wandle Valley, the Club played on many grounds
including Mitcham Stadium (now a housing estate), NAAFI (now
Tooting and & Mitcham FC), Kings College (now a housing estate)
and Mitcham Mill House changing rooms (now a restaurant).
Old Mitchamians players of note include E.J. (Eric) Humphries who
played for Rosslyn Park and T.D. (Tony) Gathercole who played for
In the past 15 years we have lost our old clubhouse and pitches,
played out of a public house, gained a new ground and clubhouse
and founded a minis and youth section. Our Senior side currently
plays in Surrey Division Three. This success story has been due to
the hard work of committee members past and present as well as
other dedicated individuals, coupled with a very loyal playing base.
The 1st XV finished 3rd place in the League and have reached the
final of the Surrey Bowl, to be played on the 2nd of May at Imber
Court. Both our 2nd and 3rd XVs had great seasons. The 2nd XV
winning a very tough league after promotion and our 3rd XV
winning the majority of their games, while helping us develop our
Academy side based around our current crop of very talented Colts.
We also have a very successful Vets team who also regularly meet
socially for nights out and tour annually.
In years gone by, Mitcham has had a strong and successful Sevens
team and more recently we have won the Middlesex Junior Vase
twice at the Stoop, home of the Premiership team the NEC
Mitcham Rugby club has a very social feel to it, which is enhanced
by club tours and regular social events, such as last season’s very
successful Dinner and Dance, inter-club Sevens tournament and
'Fat Boys and Fairies' Ten a side Competition.
We are always looking for new players of all standards. Whether
you would like to play competitive rugby, are just a social player or
just enjoy watching a good game of rugby you will be made to feel
welcome at Mitcham RFC.
Old Wandsworthians
Old Mitchamians
0208 398 1267
Entrance by Programme (£5.00)
Beer tent; Catering; Indoor Bar
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