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H.8. – Study Guide
8. Study Guide
To comply with DEAC’s Standards II., institutions that use commercial textbooks, provide a study guide with
each course. Here is an overview of what a study guide may contain:
Course Objectives
Course syllabus
Recommend Texts
How to study
Faculty information
Grading requirements
Reading assignments
Credit Hours defined
Study Schedule
Synopses of important concepts
Definition of terms
Other assignments
Additional resources
Web links
Help Desk
Stated in measurable terms
How to proceed through the course
Title, author, ISBN, publisher date, costs, where to obtain, etc.
Find a quiet place, schedule time, small chunks, etc.
Qualifications, contact information
Grading rubrics, description of minimum requirements to
successfully complete the course
Instructions of what to read for each lesson
Description of how many hours a student will need to spend to
successfully complete the programs
Student should create his/her own student schedule to complete the
course/program within the allotted time
Overview of each lesson in the course
List of terms and definitions of words presented in each assignment
Multiple-choice, true/false, fill in the blank, etc.
Short essays, team projects, etc.
Library services and other resources, etc.
URL’s of useful resources
Information on how the student may contact the institution or
instructor if he/she has questions
Distance Education Accrediting Commission, 1101 17th Street, NW, Suite 808, Washington, DC 20036