5-1 - fleminghistory101

Trouble on the Frontier
I Competing Empires
A. Fur is an area of conflict
B. Ohio River Valley claimed by both French and British
C. The French and Indian War Begins
1. 1753 French begin to build forts between Lake Erie and the Ohio River
2. Governor Dinwiddie sends George Washington to tell the French to leave British
3. French reject Washington
4. Washington ordered to build a for at the forks of the Ohio River
5. The French were already building a fort there Ft. Duquesne
6. Washington sets up camp in the Great Meadow
7. Washington starts towards Duquesne with Indian allies
8. They run into Jumonville at Jumonville Glenn
9. The British attack Jumonville and his men
10. The Half King chops off Jumonville’s skull
11. Says “you are not yet dead my Father”
12. One runner escapes to Duquesne
13. Washington builds Ft. Necessity on Great Meadow
14. Washington surrenders to the French
15. Washington signs a surrender that says he assassinated Jumonville
16. Washington starts the French and Indian War
D. The Albany Congress
1. Colonial Leaders meet at Albany
2. Want to form an alliance with the Iroquois
3. Iroquois think the French will win
II Early British Defeats
A. General Braddock sent by the British to take Ft. Duquesne
1. George Washington joins Braddock as a volunteer
2. Braddock wants to use European fighting methods
3. French fight like Indians
4. Braddock ambushed in the Turtle Creek Valley
5. Dies several days later from his wounds
B. 1755 British fail to take Ft. Niagara
C. British fail at Lake George
D. In 1757 General Montcalm captures Ft William Henry.
III The British Turn The Tide
William Pitt becomes British Prime minister
Puts James Wolfe in charge
1758 the fort at Louisbourg falls to the British
August of 1758 Ft. Frontenac captured by the British
In the fall the British take Ft. Duquesne
The Iroquois join the British side
The Big Bad Wolf attacks Quebec
1. British climb the cliffs
2. Set up a siege from the Plains of Abraham
3. Both Montcalm and the Big Bad Wolf are killed
H. The British take Montreal
I. The French surrender/ceded North America to the British