Chemistry 211

Chemistry 211
Final Examination
Final Exam Tips
• Exam will contain problems that you won’t have any clue
how to solve. That is normal! You can miss about 13
problems and still be in the 90%ile.
• Budget your time: 70 questions in 110 minutes  1.5
minutes/problem. Work on easy problems first.
• Answer all questions: no penalty for guessing – 25%
chance of getting it right even if you don’t know how to
solve it. At the end of the exam reserve a few minutes to
check your scantron sheet to insure that you have
answered all of the questions.
• There is only one best answer for each question.
What to bring!
• Bring your own scantron sheet; green or blue
one. Scantron sheet should not be wrinkled!
• Bring a black #2 pencil. Completely erase
incorrectly entered answers.
• Bring a nonprogrammable calculator! Use of a
programmable calculator will be considered an
honor code violation!
• Do not bring anything else. Use of your own
“cheat sheets” will be considered an honor code
• Do not write on the exam booklet! Your grade
will be affected by any marks found in it!
• Do all calculations on the scratch paper!
• All exams and scratch paper must be turned in
at the end of the end.
• Do not open the test booklet until you are
instructed to.
• Write the exam number on your scantron sheet
along with your name and G number.
Turn off cell phones and store them!
Do start the exam until instructor gives permission.
Do not write in the exam booklet!
Allowed items
Exam form
#2 pencil
Non-programmable calculator
Blank scratch paper.
• Write name, exam color and number next to name.
– Example: John Jock (yellow) 4811
• To leave the room or turn in your exam, raise your hand
for the instructor to collect your exam!