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STA2023- Spring 2015 - Ripol
February 19, 2015
FORMAT: This exam contains 33 Multiple Choice questions. Please select the best answer among the alternatives
given. Each question is worth 3 points, for a total of 99 points. The last point will be awarded for correctly bubbling in
your name, UFID number and Test Form Code on the scantron sheet and showing your GatorOne picture ID.
INSTRUCTIONS: Using a pencil, complete the exam questions and bubble in your answers on the scantron sheet. You
may write whatever you want on this test, but only the answers bubbled in the scantron sheet will be graded. Make sure
you mark all your final answers on this test so you can compare your answers to the key that will be posted on the course
COVER SHEET: This page contains Tables and Formulas you may use during the exam. You may detach this page
from the exam but this page must be turned in to the proctors when you finish the exam, together with the scantron
form, in order to receive credit for the exam.
 I have written and bubbled in your NAME, UFID, and SECTION number on the SCANTRON sheet, using a pencil.
 I have bubbled in the TEST FORM CODE for my exam (which appears at the top of the next page) on the
SCANTRON sheet, using a pencil.
 I have SIGNED the back of my SCANTON and the NEXT PAGE, in INK.
 I have READ and ABIDED by the HONOR CODE STATEMENT below.
"On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this examination."
Sign your name in ink: _______________________________________
Print your full name: _______________________________________
UF ID: ______________________________
Section: ______________________________
yˆ  a  bx
P( x)    p x (1  p) n  x
 x
P(A and B) = P(A) P(B)
a  y  bx
res= obs y – pred y
  
 x  x!(n  x)!
  np
P( A | B) = P( A and B) / P(B)
margin of error = 1/√𝑛
  np(1  p)
   xP(x)