Final Exam

Final Exam
1. Time/Location: The Final Exam will be held in the same room you have lecture. You can find the time for your final here:
2. Format: The final will be all multiple choice. There will be 33 questions with
around 5 questions from the new sections 11.2 and 11.3, with the remaining
questions evenly distributed among the material on the first three exams.
3. Scantron: You need to bring a scantron to the exam. We are using the full
sheet scantron, not the short quiz strips. There is a picture of the scantron here:
4. Calculator: You may bring a basic, non-graphing calculator to the final exam.
Graphing calculators, smart phones, etc. will not be permitted. The exam will be
written so a calculator is not necessary. Bringing a calculator is entirely optional.
5. Comprehensive: The Final Exam will be comprehensive, covering ALL the
material in the course. However, the Alternating Series Estimation Theorem and
the Remainder Estimate for the Integral Test will not be on the final.
6. Studying for the Exam:
• Review the class notes.
• You should re-work the three common exams.
• Study the webassign homeworks.
• Study the two new sections: 11.2 Vectors and 11.3 The Cross Product
• Attend the Exam Review
• Come to office hours with any questions.
7. Exam Review: Amy Austin will hold a final exam review on Wednesday, May
4, from 1:00-3:30 in HELD 100. Problems for the review will be posted here:
8. Formulas: I will provide the following trigonometric formulas if necessary:
sin2 x =
(1 − cos 2x)
cos2 x =
(1 + cos 2x)
sin x cos x =
sin 2x