Drivers Ed Essay - Jaycie LeBaron's Portfolio

Jaycie LeBaron
Drivers Ed
Softball is my life. I have been playing softball since I was a baby. My
whole family plays or has played either baseball or softball. It’s our thing. We are
all pretty good. My big sister Chelsea which is 21 now has always been my
inspiration. She was a pitcher. The best there was in my eyes at least! She
pitched for Taylorsville High School. I remember how my dream always was to
be starting varsity pitcher for my high school. Now look at me. I am starting
varsity pitcher as a freshman. Hard work and time paid off. I practiced my little
heart out. I strived to better. I wanted to be just like her! I want to continue on
improving and becoming better. I want to pitch for Florida State. I will! I am
determined! As a little girl I watched Florida State play. Seeing those girls how
good they were and how much sportsmanship they showed. It was amazing.
They were examples to me.
I believe that softball will get me somewhere someday. I want to get a
College Scholarship through softball. I am a good student in school and I
participate in more than one activity. I don’t think I would be able to accomplish
any of these things if it wasn’t for my Grandma. She does everything for me. If
she wasn’t there it wouldn’t have been possible for me to get to any of those
practices or games or lessons. She is my #1 fan she tells me. She is there every
game she can. Pouring rain, snow, blistering sun she is always there. I love her
so much and I appreciate her so much. My parents can come to much because
they have work and what not but my grandma is always there for me.
All my dreams were crushed last year. Basketball is my next favorite
sport. I love basketball the rush you get when you score the winning basket or
get a break away. All of that went away last year in December. I had a game
against West Lake and I was going up for a rebound and when I came back down
pop. My foot made a loud pop and everyone heard it. I knew I broke something
but I kept playing. I went to the doctor later that night and found out I broke my
5th metatarsal muscle. They told me that it was one of the worst bones I could
have broken. The 5th metatarsal barley gets blood to it so it’s a bad bone to
break. They told me I wouldn’t be ready for softball season. My heart dropped. 2
months past and It was time to go back in to the doctor. It was February 8th and
one of the last weeks for open gyms for softball. I got my boot off and went to
open gyms that night. I went to tryouts and made the team. All of these struggles
have led me to where I am now.