Notes: Lab Safety & Symbols

• Science = a process used to find
out what is going on around you.
• To solve a problem or answer a
question, scientists often
perform experiments.
• Safety in the science
classroom is the
#1 priority.
• To ensure safety, a
list of rules has been
• Following these safety and
procedural rules will help
guide you in protecting
yourself and others from
injury in the laboratory.
Rule 1:
Conduct yourself
in a responsible
manner at all
times in the lab.
• Rule 2:
Follow ALL the
instructions given
by the teacher
• Rule 3:
Dress Appropriately for Lab Work
– No loose or baggy clothes
– Tie back long hair
– Remove dangling jewelry
– Always wear closed-toed shoes
No Divas Allowed
• Rule 4: Know the location
and proper use of:
eyewash fountain
fire extinguisher
first aid kit
fire alarm box
office intercom
evacuation routes
• Rule 5:
Wear protective gear
when instructed to do so:
– Goggles
– Lab Coat or Apron
– Gloves
– Face mask
• Rule 6:
Do not eat or drink in the lab.
Never taste any material in the lab.
• Rule 7:
Never look directly into a testtube.
View the contents from the side
• Rule 8:
Never smell any material
in the lab directly.
Instead, with your hand,
“fan” some of the fumes to
your nose carefully.
• Rule 9:
Use good housekeeping practices
– Clean up your area
– Report any accidents to your
• Rule 10:
Students are not
permitted to enter the
science storage room.
• Lab Safety Symbols are used to
warn scientists of the dangers
involved in a particular
• Be sure to label each item
Why should ALL students
use good lab safety
Identify the following
situations as safe lab
procedures or unsafe
lab procedures.
Sally was using the Bunsen burner
during chemistry lab. She reached
across the flame to get the test
tube that she needed.
Tina and Louise were cleaning up
after doing a lab with beakers.
One of the beakers slipped and
broke. Tina told the teacher.
The teacher had lab stations
set up around the room. Felix
went over and was messing
around with the balance.
Angie tied her long hair back
before starting the lab.
•It is important to know
the names and proper use
of all laboratory
• Be sure to label each item