CSM 2013

on Special
WELS Special Ministries will help you
reach your community with the Gospel
Your church has something
to offer your community
that no one else is doing for them
WELS Special Ministries materials
are great for outreach!
Outreach to people who are visually impaired:
Have your church’s website meet criteria
for the blind with internet readers
Advertise that your church can provide
large print worship resources.
Offer to bring a blind person to church, do
errands for them or come with them to a
social event
Help a visually impaired neighbor obtain
the free braille and large print materials
from WELS
Offer to email your church’s worship
folder’s digital file to the blind to convert
to Braille
Invite visually impaired people to church
and sit with them to explain what they
can’t see
Outreach to people who are deaf or hard of
Does your church’s website plainly say
whether your church is “looped,” has
assistive listening devices or interpreted
Provide printed sermons or Bible study
material or captioned videos on your
Obtain an interpreter whenever you
know a deaf person will attend a
wedding, funeral or Sunday worship
Outreach to people with an intellectual or
developmental disability
Start a Jesus Cares Ministries Bible
class and invite local group homes
to bring their residents
Have your teens start a New Friends
group and invite community teens
with intellectual / developmental
disabilities to come
Start a Special Needs Family
Network to support parents whose
children have special needs
Start a social group for young men
and women with higher functioning
Autism (Aspergers) to get together
Offer respite care on a regular basis
to a neighbor
Outreach to homebound and nursing homes
Have a group from your church
do visitation and devotions for
people who will never come to
your church!
Adopt a homebound neighbor!
Offer respite care or a support
group for caregivers!
Parish nurses within your
congregation can offer
neighborhood outreach through
community health fairs
Outreach to military families
Send a Spiritual Deployment Kit to
someone in service
Befriend a neighbor whose spouse
is deployed
Outreach to prisoners
Train a group to bring the
Word to your local jail
Become a Christian penpal or
Bible course quiz corrector for
Tune up your pastor for outreach
Support his desire to get Chaplain
Certification and serve the community as
chaplain for the local police, fire, or
health care facility.
Keep him and his family encouraged by
using Care Committee for Called Worker
Outreach to people who struggle and seek help
Start a Christian support
NEW: Addressing Internet
porn temptation and addiction
“It teaches us to say, “No!’ to ungodliness and worldly
passions and to live self-controlled…lives.”
-Titus 2:12
Conquerors through Christ offers
a Lutheran, Biblical,
Christ-centered path of hope
“Confess your sins to one another and pray for each
other in order that you may be healed.”
-James 5:16
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