File - GSP Chemistry

Group Members:
P: ______/100
AP Chemistry Problem Set 5
DUE: Friday, Nov 13th
Late work will receive half credit for yourself and for the group unless
you make request an extension when you turn in your Time Management
Essential Math Skills for Chemistry = 15 points
Part One Reaction Types = 20 points
Part Two Thermodynamics = 20 points
Part Three Multiple Choice = 45 points
WW: 100 points (COMPLETION) in Written Work category
(30% of final grade)
P: 25 points per group member (100 points total) in Participation
Category (30% of final grade)
Part One: Reaction Types
Identify each of the following equations as either precipitation, acid-base, or redox AND explain
your reasoning.
Essential Math Skills for Chemistry
Convert the following:
21.0 g of lithium chloride (LiCl) into moles
40.0 g of hydrofluoric acid (HF) into moles.
0.25 mol of pure silver (Ag) into grams
3.0 moles of NaOH into grams
100.0 mL into liters
250.0 mL into liters
0.50 L into mL
0.010 L into mL
21.0 g of LiCl dissolved in 100 mL of water, into [M]  mol/L
40.0 g of HF dissolved in 250 mL of water, into [M]  mol/L
0.25 mol of Ag+ dissolved in 0.50 L of water, into [M]  mol/L
3 mol of NaOH dissolved in 0.010 L of water, into [M]  mol/L
Part Two: Thermodynamics
Part Three: Multiple Choice
INSTRUCTIONS: For each multiple choice question, you must thoroughly annotate by adding or
interpreting additional information based on what is already provided to receive full credit. Drawings or
diagrams are acceptable.
You may receive partial credit by putting things in your own words.
Select the best answer and write your justification, including reference to the text and page numbers.