Ancient Greek Language and literature

By: Aziz Al Wegayan & Ali Al-Khuraibet
The Ancient Greeks effected the English
alphabet and literature in many ways
 You will learn how greatly the Greeks
effected us
 Today I will be talking about Ancient
Greek language and literature
Map of Ancient Greece
Greek Language
The word alphabet comes from 2 Greek
 Alpha was the first letter of the Greek
 Beta is the second word of the Greek
The Greek alphabet has 24 letters
 These are the Greek letters
Language part 3
The Greeks borrowed their writing from
 Phoenicians wrote from left to write and
Greeks reversed that
 The Greeks turned the writing from left
to write into right to left
More language
Greeks wrote on wax tablets
 Greeks stopped writing in scripts during
the dark age (1200-800 B.C.E)
 They started writing again in the 8th
century B.C.E
Ancient Greek Literature
In 700 B.C.E a man named Homer
created 2 epics
 An epic is a very long poem
 One epic was called Odyssey and the
other Iliad
 Odyssey is about a warrior in troy
 Odyssey is a tragic comedy epic
Iliad is about the Trojan war
 Iliad is a tragedy epic
 Both these epics are made of legends
 Without epics theatre wouldn’t exist
 People in Greek theatre act out the
Today you learned about Greek
language and literature
 You now know how the Greeks really
affected us
 Greeks affected our art, sports,
language, literature and many more
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