English 12 Syllabus - St. Monica Catholic High School

St. Monica Catholic High School
English 12 2013/2014
Ms. Toledo
Room 203
Course Syllabus
Anticipate: To think ahead.
Arrive before the bell rings.
Come prepared to work with pencil, pen, notebook, books, and homework.
Believe: To trust in, have faith in. Believe in your own ability to learn and achieve
Be positive.
Encourage and support others.
Consider: To reflect upon. Think before you act or speak; your actions affect other
people. Be considerate.
Leave food, drink, and GUM outside of the classroom.
Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
Verbalize only positive comments.
Make your actions reflect a positive and considerate environment.
Course Description:
English 12 provides students with an overview and critical study of world literature,
incorporating a variety of critical approaches to reading literary texts. Students identify
and analyze archetypes, literary motifs, universal themes, and literary terms used in all
literature and gain an understanding of world cultures, philosophies, and histories through
the study of literature. In addition, students improve composition skills through weekly
grammar and vocabulary lessons and by writing and rewriting essays of varying lengths.
Writing portfolios, research assignments, creative projects, and outside reading provide
additional enrichment opportunities.
Course Goals and Objectives:
Practice the various critical strategies for reading and analyzing literature.
Identify archetypes, universal themes and motifs common to literary works.
Define literary terms and analyze each author’s use of them.
Strengthen critical thinking skills through literary analysis and class discussions.
Build appreciation and understanding of various cultures through the study of
literature, history, and philosophy.
Improve composition skills by writing timed essays and longer papers on the
assigned reading.
Edit, revise, and re-write essays for content, supporting details, and overall
Complete each step of the writing process for all essays.
Formulate and prove a thesis by writing a 5-page research paper.
Increase vocabulary with SAT word lists, vocabulary workbook, and course
Improve grammar skills through writing and re-writing, peer editing, and weekly
Explore outside interests through a variety of creative and challenging projects.
Share and celebrate the cultural heritages of classmates.
Homework is assigned and announced in every class. Expect homework for every class
meeting. At the end of each class period, you must write down the homework in your
planner. Your parents may check your planner to see what homework you have. Our
classroom activities depend on your completion of the homework assignments.
Homework must be completed before class and ready to be turned in when class begins.
It is acceptable to discuss homework questions with your peers, but you should never
have identical answers! Copying of work (even small homework assignments) is taken
very seriously.
Honor Policy and Plagiarism:
All written assignments, tests and quizzes must be your original work. You may not copy
from the internet, books, other students or any other source. Plagiarized work or answers
will be given a “0” and parents will be contacted if plagiarism is suspected. Students
who do not do their own work will be reported to the administration. All essays must be
typed and printed; assignments will not be accepted in electronic form. The following are
not allowed:
• Using another’s ideas as your own.
• Using another’s words as your own.
• Copying answers from any person or source.
• Using study guides like Cliff Notes instead of reading the text.
• Discussing test questions and/or answers outside of class.
Assignment Due Dates:
No late assignments will be accepted unless you are absent. Homework must be turned
in during the class period in which it is due or it receives a 0. There is no extra credit to
help make up for lost or missing work.
If you are absent, homework must be turned in at the beginning of class on the day you
return. You are responsible for obtaining missed work and notes. Please check ABI,
copy assignments into your planner, or call a classmate if you are absent. If you are
absent on the day of a test or quiz, you have two days to make it up. Additional time is
allowed for extended absences. You are responsible for arranging a time to take the test
or quiz outside of class time.
= 10%
= 10%
= 10%
= 30%
Unit Tests
= 20%
Final Exam
= 20%
The materials that you will need for class on a daily basis are:
Binder with dividers and loose leaf paper
Pens: blue/black ink and a red pen
Highlighter (yellow and color)
o Death In Midsummer
o The Oedipus Plays of Sophocles
o Hamlet
o Inferno
o Their Eyes Were Watching God
o Chronicle of a Death Foretold
o Half the Sky: Turning Oppression Into Opportunity for Women
o Life of Pi (Summer Reading)
o Siddhartha (Summer Reading)
Bring the current book we are reading to class with you EVERY DAY. You
MUST keep up with the reading because the quizzes, unit exams, and writing
assignments are based on the literature you are assigned to read. Therefore, you
will not do well in this class if you do not keep up with the reading.
A variety of world poetry also will be included in each unit of instruction in order
to explore thematic connections between different genres and writers.
Positive Consequences:
You will be acknowledged and positively rewarded for appropriate behavior.
On the other hand:
1. Warning- verbal
2. Detention, written response to behavior including the solution, and parent contact.
3. Parent conference.
 Know that I will contact your parents when I notice a continued pattern of poor
classwork and/or when I see behavior issues that need parental support.
Final advice for success:
I look forward to having a wonderful year with you, and I encourage you to ask
questions, to seek my help the moment you begin to feel lost, and to NEVER doubt your
ability to succeed. HARD WORK and the belief that YOU CAN DO THIS will lead to
I am available for help by appointment.
communication) or phone.
 Email: stoledo@stmonicahs.net
You can reach me by email (preferred
Note: The instructor retains the right to make changes, additions, and deletions to the
syllabus during the course of the year.
For further clarification of discipline and attendance policies, please refer to the Saint
Monica Catholic High School Student Handout.
English 12
Course Syllabus 2013-2014
Saint Monica Catholic High School
Ms. Toledo -- Room 203
I have read and understood the course policies and procedures for Honors English 9
and know that I can contact the instructor at any time with questions regarding the
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