English 12 Humanities Syllabus 2013-2014

Mrs. Ennis
English 12 Humanities Syllabus 2013-2014
Course Description: This course explores the human experience in terms of philosophy and literature. Through
novels, film, non-fiction selections, and plays, students are exposed to a variety of viewpoints as they develop their
own definitions of what it means to be human. This is designed to be a college prep class and is geared
toward that end. English 12 is intended to be challenging for all. That includes students who are coming
from skills classes, regular classes, and honors classes.
Classroom Expectations:
o Treat your classmates and equipment with respect.
o Take pride in your work; complete all the work to the best of your ability. I expect you to work
hard and turn in quality work. o This course requires that you do about 20-30 pages of reading each night. You will also be
responsible for supplemental reading (this includes newspaper and educational articles) in
addition to the book or play we are reading in class.
o You must always come prepared and on time. This means bringing a book, pencil, pen, folder and
paper every day.
Objectives: The student will be able to discuss and critique major works of literature, write effectively for a variety
of purposes, and speak as well as write with an enriched vocabulary.
Content: Literature will include but not be limited to The Alchemist, 1984, Lord of the Flies, Beowulf, Grendel,
Hamlet, The Catcher in the Rye, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, as well as various poems, short stories and
articles. There will also be composition assignments and a research paper. Students will study vocabulary and give
presentations. Some of the stories in English 12 have difficult content, but we feel it is important to educate our
students about history and current events in order for them to better understand the human condition. Students
may also watch sections of movies that deal with the conflicts we will read about. Most of the movie scenes will be
PG and PG-13; however, Scotland, PA, for example, is a modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth and is rated R
for language, some nudity, drug content and brief violence. I will use my best discretion in deleting scenes that are
not necessary, as well as choosing the scenes that are the least offensive, both in language and in violence. By
signing this form you will allow your student to view scenes from the course movies. If you have questions, please
email me at your earliest convenience.
Standard - Write and Speak - Academic Writing: Students will satisfy the standard in English 12 by completing three tasks:
Task #1
Write an original narrative describing a personal experience.
Term 1
Task #2
Write a research paper exploring a specific human trait.
Term 2
Task #3
Write a literary analysis identifying a common thread in several works of literature. Term 3
Grading Policy—Student grades will be based on the following school wide scale:
93% - 100%
87% - 89%
77% - 79%
67% - 69%
90% - 92%
83% - 86%
73% - 76%
63% - 66%
80% - 82%
70% - 72%
60% - 62%
Under 60%
[English 12 Humanities Syllabus 2013-2014]
Grades are also weighted:
Formative (20%)
Formative assessments:
1. Help students identify their strengths and weaknesses and target
areas that need work.
2. Help teachers recognize where students are struggling and address
problems quickly.
Homework/ Classwork
Tests/ Quizzes
Papers/ Projects
Final Exam
Summative (80%)
Summative assessments evaluate student learning at the end of an
instructional unit by comparing it against some standard or benchmark.
Quizzes and Tests: You may make up tests during academic seminar or before or after school. If you are absent on a test day,
you must see me and set up a time to make it up as soon as possible. For reading quizzes, students must complete an online
alternate assignment and turn it in within two days of the absence or it will be considered late. Students may retake one
major unit test per trimester (vocabulary tests are not considered major unit tests). Students requesting a retake
must have completed all preparatory course work related to the unit. The retake must be done within two weeks of
the original test.
Late Work:
If work is not turned in to me when I ask for it, it is considered late.
Late work on formative assessments may be reduced to half credit, and late work on summative assessments
may be reduced by one letter grade at the discretion of the teacher.
All work for any particular unit that we do must be turned in by the last day of that unit.
Students who are absent on a day a major paper is due need to submit it to Turnitin.com on the due date or it
will be considered late.
Absences: Assignments and daily lesson plans are posted on my website. Students are expected to check this diligently if
absent for any missing work. Tardies/Miscellaneous:
o If a student is not in the room when the bell rings, he/she will be marked tardy.
o All students must remain seated until the bell rings at the end of class.
Vocabulary Program
The Jefferson English department has implemented a vocabulary curriculum across grades 9 - 12. It includes extensive, weekly
reviews and lessons that will help shape and expand our students’ use and understanding of vocabulary. The curriculum
requires the use of a small, paperback textbook that each student should have. This consumable workbook costs
$10.00 to purchase, and it will be the student’s to keep and write in throughout the semester. We strongly
recommend that each student purchase a book. We understand that this is a difficult financial time, but we firmly believe in
the benefits of using this extensive vocabulary curriculum, which is why we are asking students to purchase these particular
books. If you could send $10.00 with your son or daughter by Friday, September 6, it would be greatly appreciated.
Parent/ Guardian Signature_________________________________________________________
Studentʼs Name (please print)______________________________________________________
Students are to return this syllabus to me with a parent/ guardian signature by Friday, September 6.