Identifying the Scope of Agriculture

Identifying the Scope of
Early Ag
 1930’s – one producer could feed up to ten
 Most people lived in rural areas and were
 Average towns consisted of 2,500 people
 Technology was almost nonexistent
Present Ag
 One producer can feed hundreds
 Only 2.5% of population is involved in
production ag
 Most people live in urban areas
 Technology and efficiency vastly improved
Farmer Responsibilities
 Understand plowing techniques
 Proper crops to plant
 Time of planting
 Fertilizer and Pesticide usage
 Irrigation methods
 Not an easy job!!!
Rancher Responsibilities
 Livestock choice
 Breeding seasons ( Estrus synchronization)
 Selling times
 Selling locations
 Health programs
 Estimate costs
Modern Ag
 Conservation
 Research
 Improved storage
Ag Product Processing
 Raw products transformed to packaged and
prepared products
 Highly technological
 Control measures are used
 Jobs available in food and health science
Ag Product Marketing
 All business activities required to move a
product to the consumer
 Computers have become very important
 Satellite communications also important
Steps in Ag Marketing
 Prepare budget
 Commodity groups increase demands for
 Advertising
 Selling techniques
 Transportation
30% of jobs in the agricultural
sector are in the marketing area.
Ag Research and Development
 Most significant area
 New frontier in ag
 Works to solve simple but significant
problems related to ag
America can create an Agricultural
 Microsoft ClipArt