Assignment 1_workstudy - St. Aloysius Institute of Technology

St. Aloysius Institute of Technology
Work Study and Ergonomics
Assignment 1
Q.1. Which are the recording techniques used in Method Improvement?
Q.2. Explain Cyclegraph & Chronocyclegraph.
Q.3 What is a therblig? How do we use them?
Q.4. How can management help reduce fatigue and increase worker output?
Q.5. What is a ‘simo chart’? Explain with an example.
Q.6: What is “method study”? What are its objectives?
Q.7. Write basic procedure for Method Study and discuss critical examination.
Q.8. Explain Flow process chart and Flow diagram.
Q.9. Define multiple activity chart, its purpose and construction.
Q.10. Describe the principles of motion economy. How they are related to work
place layout?