Whose message is this?
Who created or paid for it?
Gatorade created this message. They created this to advertise their product
Who is the “target
audience”? What is their
age, ethnicity, class,
profession, interests, etc.?
What words, images or
sounds suggest this?
They are targeting the growing athletes that want to be the best; they have to
drink the best. These are kids who are just trying to be like Mike, the music
constantly singing “Like Mike”. And the kids playing basketball with Michael
What is the “text” of the
message? (What we
actually see and/or hear:
written or spoken words,
photos, drawings, logos,
design, music, sounds,
The music is singing Like Mike which I believe is trying to portray that people
need to be like mike and drink Gatorade or they die. Having Michael have fun
must mean that everyone else is too. And having people indoors and outdoors
showing that Gatorade can help you anywhere you game.
What is the “subtext” of
the message? (What do
you think is the hidden or
unstated meaning?)
The hidden message of this ad is that people can be like Michael if they drink
Gatorade. So people need to start now and they can get better at basketball.
What “tools of persuasion”
are used?
They used a famous person as Michael Jordon in the ad showing that you can be
like him.
What positive messages
are presented? What
negative messages are
Positive is that Michael plays with kids, so he must be a giving back guy to his
community. The negative message of this is that I still don’t know why I’m
sponsored by Gatorade yet…
What part of the story is
not being told?
Why does Michael smile so much when he drinks Gatorade?
What groups of people
does this message
empower? What groups
does it disempower? How
does this serve the media
maker's interests?
This message empowers young athletes that are trying to get pro like mike. This
disempowers for people who don’t like Jordan or anything to do with sports and