Cheek DNA Extraction

Gatorade and Cheek Cells Protocol
1) Put about 5ml of Gatorade in your mouth and swish for 3 minutes. Slightly running your teeth
over your inside cheeks while swishing is helpful. Think fishy face.
2) Carefully spit back in provided cup.
3) Fill a test tube half way with your Gatorade/cheek cell solution, throw the rest of sample and
cup away.
4) Add 10 drops of soap to your test tube.
5) Put thumb over top of test tube and rock the tube back and forth, mixing the solutions together.
Be sure not to shake solutions which would cause bubbles.
6) Slowly pour about 1-2 cm of ice cold ethanol down the side of the inside of the test tube.
Pouring it or dripping it slowly will allow the ethanol to form a layer on top of your Gatorade spit
7) Determine where the DNA is now located and carefully pipette your DNA up into a transfer
pipette and dispense into microtube.