Study guide Chapter 1

Study guide Chapter 1
What are three majors ways living matter is different from non living mater
What is meant by hierarchical organization in a biological organism
What is the difference between a monomer and a polymer
Give 4 examples of biological polymers that are made from simple monomer
What is the difference between thermodynamic equilibrium and a dynamic steady state
Why do living things need energy
What are open systems, closed systems, isolated systems
How can you make an energetically unfavorable reaction occur in a living cell
What are enzymes, catalysts, ribozymes, metabolism, catabolism, anabolism
What do I mean when I say that metabolism is regulated
Describe in general terms how an organism can replicate itself
If the above is true, how can an organism evolve
What are the five main principals of the biochemical work described at the end of this chapter.
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