Chapter 7 Section 3

Chapter 7 Section 3
The Great Plains and the Southwest
Great Plains
• The vast grassland that
lies between the
Mississippi River and
the Rocky Mountains
– Dry
– Treeless
– Desert like
• People that continually
migrate rather than
staying in one location
– Many of the Indian
tribes living in the Great
Plains were nomadic
• Spanish forts
– Built a network of these
forts along the California
coast line
Texas Wars for Independence
• Independent minded
settlers (mostly
American) in Texas
clashed with Mexican
• Wanted to make Texas
an independent nation
– Maybe even a U.S. state
some day
Battle of the Alamo
• 13 day battle
• Fewer than 200 Texans
vs. 4,000 Mexicans
• Mexicans win
• “Remember the Alamo
become a rallying cry
for Texan independence
How did horses and traders change the
way of life of the plains Indians?
• Allowed many natives
to adopt a nomadic
• Helped in trade
• Transportation
• Warfare
• Hunting
Why was Spain unable to establish
firm control over northern Mexico?
• Native Americans in the
area rebelled against
Spanish rule
• European nations were
attempting to take
control of Spanish
territory in America
• Strong economic
influence of the United
Why did people in New Mexico trade more with
the United States than with the rest of Mexico?
• High quality and low
• Santa Fe trail allowed
price of American goods
for easy trade with the
What events triggered the Texas War
for Independence?
• Mexican laws opposing
American immigration
and import of slaves
• Americans in Texas
wanted the same
political right they had
in the U.S.
• Mexican leader Santa
Anna moved away from
democratic rule
• Texas wanted to rule
itself, Santa Anna would
not allow it
How did the Texas War for
Independence end?
• Texans surprised Santa
Anna’s forces at the San
Jacinto River
• Mexicans routed in
• Santa Anna captured
• Treaty of Velasco
recognized the Republic
of Texas
Why do you think the Madan chose
not to adopt the nomadic way of life?
• They enjoyed being
middlemen in the fur
• The horse did not have
a great impact on their
Name 2 effects of increased trade between the
United States and northern Mexico.
• Santa Fe trail linked
countries economically
and culturally
• Strong commercial ties
gave Americans
significant influence