baroque period - Wayne County Schools

Known as the “gilded age”.
 Baroque means bizarre or flamboyant
Baroque music characteristics
1. Used terraced dynamics.
2. Homophonic texture is used in
many works.
3. Very busy music with many notes.
4. Word painting is still used in
vocal music.
New forms of the Baroque
 1. In dance, ballet grew from court
 2. Opera is a new musical form.
 3. Bach writes many fugues.
 4. Oratorios are also created.
 Like
an opera, but with no sets,
scenery, or costumes and with a
sacred text.
Monteverdi – Italian-composed the oldest
opera still performed today “Orfeo”
Vivaldi-Italian-composed many concerti
including “Spring” from “The Four Seasons”
Bach – German- church organist; composed
fugues, cantatas, etc. , all forms of the day
except opera
Handel – German-travels in England and Italy
as well: known for oratorios: “The Messiah”.