Baroque Period Review Sheet

Baroque Period Review Sheet
1. The Baroque Era began in the year ________ and ended in the year ______________.
2. Where does the word Baroque come from? What does it mean?
3. List some other historical events that occurred during the Baroque Era.
4. Please define the following:
a. Doctrine of Affections
b. Basso Continuo
c. Aria
d. Recitative
5. What was so special about the Opera House in Venice? What was its name? Who was their chief
6. Explain why George Frideric Handel was important to the development of Baroque Opera.
7. Who took Handel’s techniques and made them popular? We listened to part of his opera
entitled “Dido and Aeneas”.
8. We talked about three different forms of Baroque instrumental music. Please list these three
forms, describe them and list the piece that we listened to as an example of those forms.
9. What year was Johaan Sebastian Bach born?
10. Bach died in 1750. What other major event of the Baroque period occurred because of this?
11. Briefly describe Bach’s family life.
12. What did Bach do for a living? What types of music did he write? Was he instantly famous for
the great music that he wrote?
13. Describe the Prelude and Fugue style. What was the title of the Prelude and Fugue we listened
to by Bach?