Comments Lect 3

Comments Lect 3 - FEA Fatigue & bolts in tension
A Lozzi 2015
Stress conc comparison Simulation Vs Norton & Peterson Peterson appears to be
v conservative but not accurate. Norton makes more sense but accuracy seems
to be ~ 2 % unless refinement and time is applied, and then only ~ 1%
Simulation user manual – summary in Simulation boxes – adaptive methods h Vs
p. True stress levels hard to establish
At simulation tutorials there are Validation Studies some of which show
accuracies of better than 0.1% but that can only be assumed to apply to similar
problems to the example
Fatigue folder – Rocker arm - do not assume excessive accuracies and or
correctly analysed of designs – show Rocker arm PP
Fatigue & stress conc – show Components shape …..
Good ideas with wrong proportions from Orlov
Fatigue failures from the inside out RR Airbus 380
Fatigue revisited – Bolts in tension pt 1, how to reduce stress concentration –
effectively increase fatigues strength , because it is used as a fatigue strength
reducing factor