When the door opened thick silence prevailed

When the young man opened the door,
thick silence popped in. Looks directed at
the new visitor who was led by his
curiosity to come. As soon as the players
saw him, they noticed a scary secret on his
face. The visitor's face showed an awful
lot of concerns while his glances
demonstrated wasted strengths and faded
hopes. Paleness top his forehead, and a sad
simile can be seen on his lips; a few
wrinkles have spread on his cheeks and
above his mouth. His looking shows a
painful surrender, while in the depth of his
eyes lies a hidden genius, which might
have been indulged in pleasures.
Has the life of pleasure affected this
bright, innocent face, turning it into a
humiliated one?
Doctors strongly believe that his illness
relates to a problem in his heart or a
problem in his chest, especially after
seeing the yellowness surrounding his
eyelids and the redness covering his
cheeks. But poets prefer to relate these
symptoms to science fatigue, knowledge
provision, and the several nights spent
studying on the light of a lantern.
However, a longing – powerful than
disease - and an illness - powerful than
science fatigue – and the searching for
knowledge have ruined this beautiful