Chap 3 Review

Review sheet Chap 3-1 to 3-4
1. List the levels of ecological organization in order.
2. What are three ways in which ecologist can do studies?
3. Name three tools that ecologists can use.
4. Give two other names for plants.
5. What term means make your own food.
6. Besides plants what other organisms can make their own food?
7. The “food” made in question #4 is actually__________________.
8. What is the difference between a food chain and a food web?
9. Define species.
10. Define ecosystem.
11. Name three abiotic factors.
12. Name three biotic factors.
13. Define trophic level.
14. All trophic levels get their materials recycled through this trophic level.
15. Name two types of decomposers and provide an example of each.
16. What is another name for heterotroph?
17. If an herbivore population in an ecosystem were to suddenly decrease,
describe two possible consequences.
18. What is the lowest trophic level a wolf could be?
19. How much energy is usually passed on from level to level in an ecological
20. Describe why a biomass pyramid has to have that particular shape of having
a wide base and small top.
21. What is nitrogen fixation and what usually does it in the ecosystem?
22. Describe the role these three organisms play in the nitrogen cycle: bacteria,
legumes, decomposers.
23. What is the difference between energy and material as they travel through
the ecosystem?
24. What can cause an algal bloom?
25. What important molecules can phosphorus be found?
26. What is the difference between a scavenger and detritivore?