Scientific Method
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Question: Why does the scientific method
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Inv. 3.3: Beans & pH
Killer Oranges: Words to Know
• Hypothesis- a scientific explanation for a set of
observations that can be tested in ways that
support or reject it.
#44 • Variable- a factor that can be changed in an
experiment or affect the outcome
#39 • Control- a group that is exposed to the same
conditions except for the one variable being
• Conclusion- when the data of the experiment are
examined to either support or reject the
A.Q. 1a, 2a, 3 on p. 78
• 1a. Question: Energy is said to flow in a “oneway stream” through an ecosystem. In your
own words, describe what that means.
• 1a. Energy is said to flow in a “one-way
stream” through an ecosystem means that
energy is not recycled. Energy enters through
a food chain, but it is not reused—it is lost as
A.Q. 1a, 2a, 3 on p. 78
• 2a. Question: On average, what proportion of
the energy in an ecosystem is transferred from
one trophic level to the next? Where does the
rest of the energy go?
• 2a. On average, about 10% of the energy at
any trophic level is passed to the next trophic
level. The remainder of the energy is used for
life processes or released into the
environment as heat.
A.Q. 1a, 2a, 3 on p. 78
• 3. Question: Refer to Figure 3-9, which shows
a food web in the Everglades. Choose one of
the food chains within the web. Then, write a
paragraph describing the feeding relationships
among the organisms in the food chain.
• 3. Plants are eaten by deer, which are eaten by
bobcats, which are scavenged by vultures
when they die.