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AAG 2015 Chicago: Call for Papers
The Gendered City
Defne Sarsilmaz, Florida International University, [email protected]
Peter Wood, Florida State University, [email protected]
The goal of this session is to unite a wide range of geographical perspectives on how cities are
constructed, perceived, developed, and experienced in terms of gender and gendered spatiality.
Cities are often a meeting point for various lifestyles, backgrounds, economies, and power relations.
This session will foster dialogue between studies and experiences of how cities are frequently
influenced and dictated by gender roles and assumed utility for particular spaces, places, and modes
of connectivity with and within the 21st century city. Potential topic ideas include, but are certainly
not limited to:
Spaces of fear
Spaces of violence
The Global South city
Masculine/feminine comfort spaces
Male-driven development
Sustainable growth
Municipal governance and planning
Gated communities
Changing dynamics in urban property values
Rural-urban connectivity
Sports stadium locations & security
Ghettos, favelas, barrios, and shantytowns
Public recreational exercise spaces
Financing urban planning
Macro-level influences on the national role of a city
Micro-level influences on sprawling development
This session will be in a standard format (15 minutes per presentation plus 5 minutes for addressing
audience questions) but we hope to include a variety of presenting styles, content, and professional
backgrounds in order to generate a diverse setting.
If you are interested in participating or have any further questions please contact Defne Sarsilmaz
([email protected]) or Peter Wood ([email protected]) by October 22, 2014.
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