Drug Unit Board Game Directions - River Dell Regional School District

Junior Health Drug Board Game
You will work by yourself or in a group of three to create a board game using drugs as the basis
of the game.
1. Your game can model after Monopoly, Chutes and Ladders, Candy Land, Trivial
Pursuit or any board game that you are familiar with.
2. You must create the rules and directions for your game. Make sure that your rules
and directions are well expressed and easy to follow.
3. You need to incorporate 30 question cards into your game. Make sure you have the
answers to these questions as well. The questions must be related to drugs that have
been gone over in school or any other information that would be related to these topics:
Methamphetamine, Marijuana, Alcohol, Tobacco, Heroin, Ecstasy, LSD, Cocaine, and or
Club/Date Rape Drugs.
4. The board game should include “pitfalls” or setbacks that are the same pitfalls that
addicts face or relapses that can occur.
5. Game must be colorful and have some illustrations
After your group completes the game, you will play it and make sure that it works as you
intended it to.
Supplies Needed: 1. Game board
2. Spinner or Dice
3. Game Cards (Color Index Cards)
4. Game Pieces
5. Container to hold game (unused pizza boxes can be used)
Tasks: 1. Create a game board
2. Construct rules and directions for the game
3. 30 or more question cards
4. Design game pieces and a box
Types of Question Cards:
There should be different headings to your question cards or types of questions and not all the
same type of questions. For example: Effects of Drugs, Street Names, How is drug used or
abused, True or False Questions about Drugs, Where are they used, What do the drugs look
like, etc.
Suggestions When Creating Your Game:
1. Give detailed directions and make it unique
2. Color-code game cards (can be typed or hand written)
3. Make the game board visually appealing. Make it look NEAT!!!
4. The container or box should visually represent the game and the theme of your game
5. Design the game on scrap paper first and decide how many spaces will appear on the board
and what will happen with each space.
6. Add a start and a finish space.
7. Add a path, maybe one that's short but dangerous, or a long but easy one.
8. Add a gimmick like put in items or a jail; use your imagination for this step.
9. Add spaces where you have to draw a card and print or hand write cards on heavy card stock
paper (examples: Hit three green lights in a row - move ahead twelve spaces; Flat tire - lose two
turns while repairing it; etc.
10. Cut small figures out of paper to use as game pieces, or use Legos or other building material.
11. Name it! Come up with something of your own - try not to use a name out of a movie or
comic book.
12. Add something like spaces that take you to other spaces or a space that gives you triple of
your next roll. Remember to use your imagination.
13. You could have an objective instead of a finish space such as find a golden nugget or land on
the water fountain 10 times.