The reading quiz will cover the following selections. To prepare, use

The reading quiz will cover the following selections. To prepare, use this
template to guide your reading and note-taking.
Strive Toward Freedom by MLK on pages 301-304
Who was Martin Luther King? During what political time period did his work first
become famous? How does he explain the inability to break free from oppression
among oppressed people? Which two methods of responding to oppression does
King oppose and which does he support? Why? Of the reasons King favors the third
response to oppression, which reason do you find the most persuasive and why?
What rhetorical devices can you identify in this piece?
Necessary to Protect Ourselves (an interview with Malcolm X) pages 305-306
Who was Malcolm X? During what time period did his writing and speaking first
become famous? In the interview, what does Malcolm X say about criticism? What is
is view of violence? How do his views differ from that of MLK? Which figure
presents a more persuasive argument? Why?
Coming of Age in Mississippi by Anne Moody pages 609-617
During what time period does this story take place? What incident inspired the
writing of this piece? Summarize briefly what happens during the sit-in. How do
you explain the behavior of the store manager and the police during the sit-in? How
would you describe the author to someone who has not read this selection?
“Letter from Paradise” on pages 1095-1101
Who is the author? What political event inspires this essay? When and where in the
essay does the author use figurative language? Why? What is the one of this
“Mother Tongue” on pages 1215-1220
What type of essay is this selection? Who is the author? What is the author’s cultural
background? How would you describe the author’s relationship to her mother? How
would you account for the changes in Tan’s attitude toward her mother’s spoken
English? What are the most important influences on Tan as a writer? What is the
significance of the title? What rhetorical devices serve to reinforce the message of
this piece?