Essay Presentation Rubric

Essay Presentations
Groups/Rhetorical Devices:
1 = Theme and Purpose
2 = Tone and Language
3 = Structure and Organization
1. Offer a brief (3-5) minute analysis of your rhetorical device
and how it is used and works within either “Silent Dancing”
or “I Stand Here Ironing.” You must show that you have an
understanding of what Description writing is. (Chapter 5 in
2. Support your analysis by making use of at least two specific
3. Tip – have a group member write out the page and paragraph
numbers on board before presentation starts in order to make
the best use of time
*Be prepared to explain your choices!!!
Essay Presentation Rubric
Grading Scale
(5 points = Strongly Agree; 1 point = Strongly Disagree)
Focus 5 points
Full Credit: Students present clear and pertinent information to the class.
Term Use 5 points
Full Credit: Students identify the term and its use in a concise manner.
Students also explain the significance of the term and its use in the essay.
Analysis 10 points
Full Credit: Students identify direct quotes that the author presents.
Explanations tie directly to the author’s use of the term in a purposeful
Form: Description 5 points
Full Credit: Students discuss the piece as written in Description format.
Students fully discuss the importance of the format and how the author’s
choice was purposeful and fitting in this category and others. Prominent
writing strategies using rhetorical devices are discussed in order for students
to discuss the author’s purpose in writing technique.
Total = _____/25