Carter Foreign Policies Note Guide

The Foreign Policies of Jimmy Carter
The I_________ H_______________ C_________
a. Background
i. By the 1950s, Iran saw itself in a power struggle
ii. US supported R________ S_______ (S________ = title for Iranian leader)
iii. M______________ M_______________ wins democratic election
iv. US helps the S_______ launch a coup against democratically elected M________
v. Key Point: US replaces a democratically elected M______________ with a
dictatorship under the S__________
vi. US continues support of the S__________ afterwards and helps train the secret
police called the S_____________
b. I________________ R___________________ begins (1979)
i. Brutal tactics of the S____________ (secret police) to keep power
ii. E_________________ downturn
iii. Shah is deposed by the revolution and exiled
c. The Power Struggle Begins
i. A___________________ K___________________ returns from exile in France
(14 years) after Shah took power
1. Islamic Fundamentalist leader who preached a strong anti-American
ii. The Triggering Point
1. US allows the S_______ to enter the country for C___________
treatment at the MAYO Clinic
2. November 4, 1979 an angry mob led by S_________________ attacked
the American Embassy in Tehran, capturing _________ American
d. Carter’s Response
1. Operation E_____________ C__________
e. Results
iii. Why?
Carter’s other Foreign Policies
a. Easing dependence on f_____________ o_____- emphasized conservation and the
development alternative energy sources (solar, wind); however, these efforts were
overshadowed by the mishap at the nuclear power plant in T__________ M_______
I______________ in Pennsylvania
b. P______________ C___________ T______________: agreement allowed P__________
to take control of the canal by the end of 1999; many citizens angered – represented a
decline in American power
c. In 1979, Carter officially recognized Communist C__________; a step initiated by N___
d. Helped broker 1979 C_________ D________ A__________ between Israel & Egypt
e. S__________ invasion of A__________________; Carter responds by blocking
shipments of grain to the USSR and boycotting the 1980 Summer Olympics in the USSR;
many Americans were angered by the response because the US appeared WEAK!