Science Exam Study Guide


Science Exam

Study Guide

What are the six parts of the scientific method (in order)?




Data collection



What are the 3 types of variables in an experiment?




What is a procedure to test the hypothesis?


Which one of the steps is gathered through your senses?


In our floating cans experiment:

What was the control variable?

The can of coke

What type of data did we collect?


What was the independent variable?

The different cans of soda

Who was the man who first studied cells?

Robert Hooke

What is a clear, jelly-like substance that holds the organelles in the cell?


What is the stiff outer layer that gives plant cells their shape?

Cell Wall

What is in charge of making protein?


What surrounds and protects the nucleus?

Nuclear Membrane

What is in charge of what enters and leaves the cell?

Cell Membrane

What is found only in plant cells and allows the plant to make food?


What is the control center of a cell?


Define these words:

Tissue – specialized cells with similar structure and function.

Organ – a structure made up of at least two types of tissues that work together to perform a specific job.

System – a group of organs that work together to perform a specific function.

What are the jobs of the digestive system?

To digest food

To transfer digested nutrients into the blood

To absorb water

List the steps of how tissues help your hand move when you touch a hot stove.

Nerves in your hand send a message to the spinal cord. A reflex takes place when nerves in the spinal cord send signals to muscles in your hand that cause you to move it off the stove. Then, the nerves send a message up the spinal cord, where the brain receives it.

What kind of tissue is blood?

Connective tissue

What kind of tissue gives an organism the ability to move?

Muscle tissue

What kind of tissue are villi?

Epithelial tissue

What kind of tissue gives an organism the ability to respond to stimuli in the environment

Nerve tissue

Describe the levels of organization from cells to organ systems

Cells make up tissue, tissue make up organs, and organs make up organ systems.

What are the four kinds of tissues?





What do organs have in common?

They are all made up of the four kinds of tissue.

Why is the heart made up mostly of muscle tissue?

The heart requires muscle tissue to keep beating.

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