ITSC1301 - Syllabus - Part 1

Computer Science Technology Department
Houston Community College System
Department Website:
ITSC1301 Introduction to Computers
Semester: Fall 2009
CRN: 17471 & 21184 – Delivered via the Internet using BlackBoard – 24/7 at your
Prerequisite: None
Professor: Erhan Uskup
Phone Contact: 713-718-6801 (Leave a voice message - please email when you need a quick
Regular Email Address: Please use my BlackBoard email address for all communication.
However, if BlackBoard is not available you may use (only use this if
BlackBoard is not working).
Office Hours: I am always available by appointment (in my office at Central campus) as
needed. I also read email several times per day, so don’t hesitate to send me questions via
BlackBoard email. We can then schedule a meeting via phone, in-person, etc… if necessary.
The complete Syllabus for this course consists of this document and four other items. Please
click on the following links and print out the additional information.
Note: An updated syllabus with weekly and bi-weekly assignment due dates will be available
the first day of class; Monday June 2nd.
1. Catalog Entry and Text Book (specific to this course)
2. Course Content (specific to this course)
3. Standard Department Syllabus
4. Standard CSCI Distance Ed Course Information
Required Materials:
 Access to a PC running Windows Vista (Microsoft’s new operating system) with
internet access.
 Word processing software either Microsoft Word or WordPad.
Note1: WordPad is included with Windows Vista.
Note2: Microsoft Works is not the same as Microsoft Word or WordPad.
Files created with Microsoft Works are not accepted in this course.
 PC should have a sound card and speakers.
 Real Player software (free download – link provided)
 Students must have a working email address to use if BlackBoard is not working.
 Students must have access to a printer.
 Students must purchase Textbooks.
You must have Windows Vista operating system and the above stipulated word processor
on your personal or work computer to be able to work from home or office and do the
required exercise and homework assignments. Or you must be able to go to an open
Computer Science lab at the college. Open labs other than the Computer Science labs may
not have computers with Windows Vista operating system.
Academic Dishonesty: Academic dishonesty (aka., cheating) is taken seriously. All work must
be done independently. You may always ask your professor for help. You can even ask friends
and family for help in order to gain a better understanding of certain concepts. However, you
must start and finish the work independently. If you are sharing a computer or book with
another student, you must keep your work in separate folders on your computer, and start and
complete the work independently. It is very easy to determine if files have been copied and
modified, etc… Copying a file from another student, and then making minor changes to that file
is cheating. You can receive an F on the assignment, in the course, or be withdrawn from HCC.
Student Attendance/Participation is Mandatory: As a Distance Education section of this
topic, you must make satisfactory progress in this course. Students may be withdrawn, if in the
opinion of the professor, the student has fallen behind in their assignments and it is not
reasonable to expect the student to complete the course during the semester. If you decide to
quit participating in the course before the Last Day for Administrative/Student Withdrawal
(4:30 pm., July 15th), you should see the Registrar and properly withdraw so that you will
receive a W. If you quit participating in the course after the Last Day for
Administrative/Student Withdrawal (4:30 pm., July 15th), you will receive an F. This will apply to
all students.
Thus, you need to be in regular contact with your professor during the semester. Most of this
contact will be electronically within the BlackBoard environment. Many items will be
submitted as assignments. Some items will be sent via email. All this will be within
If you run into difficulty, I can hopefully help you get back on track quickly. I am concerned
with ensuring student success rather than disappointment, and having an appropriate student
completion rate for any course that I teach.
Professor Participation I will normally enter the course via BlackBoard every business day
(Monday thru Friday unless it is a Holiday), however for a variety of reasons (sick, meetings
etc…) I may not enter the course on a given day. Often I will enter the course more than once on
a business day. I will usually enter the course on Saturday morning, but not always. Sometimes, I
will enter the course on Sunday. Thus, it might appear that you have 24/7 professor response and
you could wrongfully expect immediate response to all your needs. I will try to respond quickly
and you should normally have a response within 1 business day, so don’t panic if you don’t get a
response in 30 minutes.
 I will normally attempt to answer all BlackBoard email every time I enter the course.
 I will normally grade any homework assignments and quizzes requiring my involvement
within 3 days after the “due date” for the assignment. Often the grades will be available
the day after the due date but not always.
Detailed Course Evaluation:
There will be a 1,000 point system used to determine the grade for this course per the following:
20% or 200 points
40% or 400 points
5% or 50 points
35% or 350 points
Total: 100% or
1000 points
Midterm Exam
Exam #1, 100 points; Exam #2, 100
Final Exam (Exam #3)
Midterm – Exam 2 and the Final exam will be taken on campus. Students are
required to take the Midterm Exam (Exam #1 and Exam #2) and the Final
Based on the weights above a final percent will be calculated with grades awarded as follows:
A - 900 to 1000 points (90% to 100%)
B - 800 to 899 points (80% to 89.9%
C - 700 to 799 points (70% to 79.9%
D - 600 to 699 points (60% to 69.9%
F - 0 to 599 points (0% to 59.9%)
Late Assignments Policy: No late assignments accepted. It is not possible to accept late
assignments in a 10 week summer semester.
Make-up Exam Policy: You are expected to take all exams on the scheduled dates. Make-up
exams are NOT guaranteed, but are granted at the discretion of the professor. If there is a need
for a make-up exam, it is necessary to make arrangements with the professor PRIOR to the exam
date. NOTE: There is absolutely NO make-up exam for the final.
Final Grade: Your final grade will be posted within your BlackBoard course; however official
grades are provided to students by the Registrar and are available shortly after the end of the
semester. There is no other official method of posting a student’s final grade. Final grades will
not be given over the telephone by either the professor or any HCCS employee. If you need an
official transcript see the registrar and request a transcript be sent after posting of the grades for
the semester.
During the course, your progress (quiz, lab and exams scores) will be reported to you via our
“My Grades” feature within BlackBoard. You should check this regularly to confirm your
progress in the course is current.
Course Goals: By successfully completing this course the student should be able to:
 Apply knowledge of information systems and personal computing applications.
 Recognize and apply the concepts of critical thinking.
 Appreciate and gain benefits of time management by learning to group tasks.
 Communicate with others by use of electronic mail.
 Develop organizational skills and manage information from one central application.
 Proficiently use file management techniques with Windows Vista operating system.
Acceptance Guidelines and Cautions/Warnings for Distance Ed Students: Not all people are
well suited for this type of a course. A general set of guidelines is used determine if you should
be accepted into this independent study section. These guidelines will require you to be:
Self motivated/Self starter: Usually this means having completed at least 6 credit hours of
college and has a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better. Exceptions as approved by the
instructor. Beware of PROCRASTINATION.
b. Previous Microcomputer experience: If you have little to no computer experience, you might
enjoy attending an in-classroom course with more one on one instruction. Due to the nature
of a computer based course, you must already have basic experience with:
1) Basic Windows XP or Windows Vista knowledge (how to run programs, click on icons,
copy/paste, save files, rename files etc…) Instructions in this course will be for
Windows Vista operating system.
2) Saving Files on a PC into folders
3) A word processing software product such as Microsoft Word or WordPad
Creating Files using Notepad and a Word Processor such as Word or WordPad
4) Using an internet browser
Able and willing to use open lab times provided by the Computer Science department or
the college to complete the course and/or have adequate hardware with software installed
on a computer at home or work. This means Windows Vista operating system and
Microsoft Word software or use WordPad.
You should have adequate hardware with appropriate software installed to complete the
course. Your computer/internet-access/printer breaking down is NOT a valid excuse
for failing to turn in an assignment. If your computer or internet access is not working
properly, you will need to use the open lab times provided by the Computer Science
department or the college to complete your assignments (or you should have access to
another computer).
Information for Students with Disabilities: Refer to “Standard CSCI DE Course Information”
part of the syllabus.
Other Information:
Textbook: Please check the 2nd part of the syllabus links (textbook information). There are 2
books required in this course. Both textbooks are available bundled at the HCC bookstore. If
you wish to obtain your books on line or from another source make sure you order the two
required textbooks. The textbooks are new and just released by the publisher (since the Fall
2007 semester); therefore to ensure having the correct textbooks for the course it is highly
recommended to purchase your books from the HCC bookstore.
Assignments – Projects – Quizzes – Exams:
Assignments – Chapter assignments are completed at the end of each chapter as instructed in the
Modules and will be submitted within BlackBoard using the “Submit Assignments”. Specific
instructions are included with each module.
Projects – You will have ONE projects in this course. The first project will be due two weeks
prior to the final exam. More information provided in specific assignments. The first project will
be shopping for a PC.
QUIZ: You will have a short quiz at the start-up of the course. The quiz is contained in the
course and is not the quiz available on the Distance Ed homepage. The quiz will only be
available for the first week of the course. You also will have a quiz to prepare you for the final
exam. This quiz will be open book, and will be posted in BlackBoard three days prior to the quiz
due date. The quiz will be during the 2nd half of the semester (prior to Exam 3, the Final Exam).
The quiz is meant to be used as a study aid and to help you refresh the textbook material prior to
the final exam, just like you would have review sessions in an on campus class. This has been
very helpful to students in past semesters!!
EXAMS: You will have THREE exams in this course. Exams 1 and 2 will be taken within the
same week (Exam 1 and 2 together make up your midterm exam grade). Exam 3 will be your
final exam.
Exam 1 will be taken AT HOME. It is considered to be part 1 of your midterm exam. It
is an open-book/hands-on exam and will cover the practical part of Windows Vista.
This exam will be posted in BlackBoard three days prior to the exam due date.
Exam 2 is considered part 2 of your Midterm Exam.
Exam 2 is closed book and AT HOME.
Exam 2 will consist of true/false and/or multiple choice questions.
This exam will be posted in BlackBoard three days prior to the exam due date
Exam 3 is considered your Final Exam.
Exam 3 (Final Exam) is closed book and IN-CAMPUS.
Exam 3 will consist of true/false and/or multiple choice questions.
You will take the final exam at the Distance Ed testing locations on the dates
posted in the course calendar included with this syllabus. There will BE NO
MAKE-UP FINAL EXAMS. If you have a problem with the final exam weekend
you must let me know 7 days PRIOR to the exam week-end (the sooner you let
me know the better). We can then arrange a time for you to come to my office
PRIOR to the exam.
Important Dates to Remember
 August 28 Last Day for Drop/Add
 September 4
Official Date of Record
 November 12
Last Day to Drop with a Grade of "W"
 November 26 – 27 Thanksgiving Holiday
 December 6
Instructions Ends
 December 7 - 13
Final Examinations week
 December 18
Grades are Posted (afternoon)
The due dates in the Course Calendar below are established so as to prevent “Procrastination”
on your part. Assignments are to be delivered to your professor using the “Submit the
Assignment” within BlackBoard and must be submitted by or before11:55PM on the “Due
Date” unless otherwise noted. Be aware of BlackBoard time/clock. It will not be possible to
submit in “Submit the Assignment” past the due date and time. Assignments not received on the
“Due Date” will not earn the obtainable points. Assignments attached to an
email because you missed the due date and time will not be accepted and or
graded. It is strongly suggested that you set a regular study schedule. This will allow you to
complete materials on or before the required “Due Date”.
Note: most due dates are Monday and/or Friday; due dates other than Monday or Friday
include the day and the date.
Course Calendar: The tentative schedule is outlined below. Any changes if needed will be
announced within the BlackBoard course.
Due Date
Obtainable Comments
(both inside
and outside of
August 25
required This should be done As Soon
As Possible - ASAP
Email to
professor and
posting within
Quiz taken at
August 25
required This should be done ASAP
August 25
20 This should be done ASAP
The following Learning Modules will be released after the
Introduction Quiz has been completed.
Module 00
August 24
required Purchase text books ASAP
To remain enrolled in the course Students should be actively
attending/participating before the Official Date of Record September 4th
Module 01
Module 02
Module 03
August 30
September September 6
September Sept. 13
20 MS VISTA Chapter 1
20 MS VISTA Chapter 2
20 MS VISTA Chapter 3
Exam 1
Module 04
Sept. 13
Sept. 16
Sept. 17
Sept. 20
Module 05
Sept. 21
Sept. 26
Module 06
Sept. 27
Sept. 30
Module 07
Oct. 1
Oct. 6
Module 08
Oct. 7
Oct. 11
Module 09
Oct. 12
Oct. 17
Exam 2 within
BlackBoard –
Oct. 18
Oct. 21
Module 10
Oct. 22
Oct. 27
Module 11
Oct. 28
Nov. 2
Module 12
Nov. 3
Nov. 8
Module 13
Nov. 9
Nov. 15
Module 14
Nov 16
Nov. 21
Module 15
Nov. 22
Nov. 27
Project is due
Nov. 28
Exam 3 – Final N/A
Exam - on
campus. Check
for DE testing
locations and
Dec. 2
Exam 1 is the practical for
Submit it via BB Assignment
Fundamentals Chapter 1
Fundamentals Chapter 2
Discovering Computers
Fundamentals Chapter 3
Discovering Computers
Fundamentals Chapter 4
Discovering Computers
Fundamentals Chapter 5
Discovering Computers
Fundamentals Chapter 6
Text book Discovering
Computers Fundamentals
Chapters 1- 6
20 Discovering Computers
Fundamentals Chapter 7
20 Discovering Computers
Fundamentals Chapter 8
20 Discovering Computers
Fundamentals Chapter 9
20 Discovering Computers
Fundamentals Chapter 10
20 Discovering Computers
Fundamentals Chapter 11
20 Discovering Computers
Fundamentals Chapter 12
ScanTron exam
Pick one of the two days
December 4 or 5
Chapters 7 - 12