On-Line Administration of Student Evaluations for Torts (Evening Section).
A course evaluation form has been posted in BlackBoard for this course. To access the
evaluation, login to BlackBoard at: http://blackboard.rutgers.edu using your NetID and
password as usual. After logging in, find the "My Organizations Plus" module which is
typically located on the right hand side of the webpage below the "My Courses" module.
The Torts evaluation form is NOT in the regular course site, it is a separate site that is
only available to the students enrolled in that course. Professors cannot access the
evaluation sites.
Click on the evaluation site for this course and on the "Law School Course Evaluation"
link. An evaluation form should appear on the screen. If you do not complete the
evaluation in one sitting and wish to return to it later, click "Save" and you will be able to
return to finish it at any time until Monday December 7th. When you are finished with
the evaluation, click submit. Once submitted, the evaluation cannot be re-entered or
If you do not have your own computer, you may go to the third floor PC lab, Weintraub
lab, the library's Cyber Cafe, or tables in the atrium that will be periodically supplied with
laptops. You may also access your uncompleted evaluation forms at any time until
December 7th from any computer with internet access and a current browser.
You may submit only one evaluation per course. If for any reason, you run into any
technical difficulties while completing the evaluation and cannot resume the evaluation,
please contact Computer Services (Law School) at extension 1290 for assistance.”