State of Michigan Project Management Methodology

Project Charter
General Information
Project Name:
Project Sponsor:
Prepared By:
Click here to enter text. Information in this section discusses the reasons why the Charter Document has been created and what the
project is intended to accomplish.
Constraints and Assumptions
Click here to enter text. List all known constraints and assumptions pertaining to this project that may impact scope. A constraint is an
applicable restriction or limitation, either internal or external to the project, that will affect the performance of the project or a process.
Assumptions are factors that, for planning purposes, are considered to be true, real, or certain without proof or demonstration.
Assumptions generally involve a degree of risk.
Preliminary Scope Statement
Click here to enter text. The Preliminary Scope Statement is a narrative description of products, services, or results to be developed.
Please be descriptive. It is frequently helpful to list what is “out” of scope for your project. This can be the foundation for your Scope
Statement or Statement of Work (SOW).
Resource Requirements
Click here to enter text. List all known required resources. Resources may be money, people, equipment, etc.
Click here to enter text. List uncertain events or conditions that, if occur, have a positive or negative impact on the success/objectives
of the project.
Click here to enter text. List the governance structure for this project.
The people below agree to this document as the formal Charter statement to begin work on the project described within, and commitment of the
necessary resources.
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Revised May 1, 2012
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Revised May 1, 2012