Fall 2010 PSYC 411: Conditioning and Learning Learning and

Fall 2010
PSYC 411: Conditioning and Learning
Learning and
Sniffy the Virtual
memory: From
Rat Pro, Version
Brain to behavior.
2.0. 2nd Ed
Gluck/ Mercado/
Alloway/ Wilson/
ISBN-10: 0-716ISBN-10: 0-53478654-0
Instructor: Dr. Douglas
Phone: 815-753-7071
Location: PM153
Time: MWF 9-9:50
Email: [email protected]
Purpose of course: This course examines the techniques and theories used to investigate processes
related to learning. The first section of the class will provide a historical context for subsequent
discussions. Next, classical and instrumental conditioning will be discussed in terms of the
representations and neural systems mediating performance. Subsequent class sessions will demonstrate
how these conditioning techniques have been used to investigate topics central to comparative
Class sessions: Class attendance is not required; HOWEVER, you are responsible for all material
covered and for any announcements made during class, regardless of whether or not you attend.
Lectures will cover material that is not covered in the text and will go into greater detail than the text
does, so it is in your best interest to attend class regularly.
Missed exams: If you miss an exam and have an adequate excuse, you may take a make-up. I reserve the
right to decide on the adequacy of the excuse. If you miss an exam and fail to take a make-up, you will
receive a zero for that exam. Contact me as soon as possible if you miss an exam for any reason, by
phone or e-mail.
Cheating: Anyone caught cheating will be dealt with in accordance with the Northern Illinois University
policy noted in the calendar.
Grading: Final grades will be based on three essay exams (20% each) and the lab (40% in total). The
grades are broken down as follows: A[100-90], B[89-80], C[79-70], D[69-60], F[59 and below].
Classical conditioning: Phenomena
Classical conditioning: Theory
Instrumental conditioning: Phenomena
Instrumental conditioning: Theory
Generalization & Discrimination
Interval timing
Memory systems
Exam 1:
Exam 2:
Exam 3: