Questions for Review What predictions can you make regarding age

Questions for Review
1. What predictions can you make regarding age, gender, and tenure?
2. Assess that validity of using intelligence scores for selecting new employees.
3. Describe the specific steps you would take to ensure that an individual has the
appropriate abilities to satisfactorily do a given job.
4. Explain classical conditioning.
5. Contrast classical conditioning, operant conditioning, and social learning.
6. How might employees actually learn unethical behaviors on their jobs?
7. Describe the four types of intermittent reinforcers.
8. What are the five steps in behavior modification?
9. If you had to take disciplinary action against an employee, how, specifically,
would you do it?
10. Describe the four processes in successful social learning.
Questions for Criteria Thinking
1. ”All organizations would benefit from hiring the smartest people they can get.”
Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Support your answer.\
2. What do you think is more likely to lead to success on a job-a good ability-job fit
or personality-organization fit? Explain.
3. In addition to past work history and an employee’s job performance, what other
mitigating factors do you think a manager should use in applying discipline? And
does not the mere attempt to use mitigating circumstances turn disciplinary action
into a political process?
4. What abilities do you think are especially important for success in senior-level
management positions?
5. What have you learned about “learning” that could help you to explain the
behavior of students in a classroom if : (a) The instructor gives only one test-a
final examination at the end of the course? (b) The instructor gives four exams
during the term, all of which are announced on the first day of class? (c) The
student’s grade is based on the results of numerous exams, none of which are
announced by the instructor ahead of time?