Parent Tasks

Welcome, Parents!
1. Please sign in in the parent book and get a cup of tea.
2. Please check
 the Homework Record Sheet and see if your child missed any homework last week
 the Emergency Bathroom Signout Sheet to see if your child is missing class time in
the bathroom (we have one bathroom break in the AM and another in the PM)
 your child’s bin to help keep it tidy
 your child's Literacy and Writing Notebooks
3. Please check the back table for notes about any projects that needs to be done.
4. Please make sure each team’s pencil box has enough sharp pencils and sticky notes, and
is free of trash. New supplies are on the supplies shelf. If you are so inclined, feel free to
wipe down tables, and clean or tidy.
5. I will assign you a student (and his/her partner) as a Parent Partner. During lesson time
on the rug, please pull up a chair next to your student and support your student in
his/her learning work. During independent work time, I will ask you to read, write or
confer with students under my guidance. This may involve working with your own child,
your partner student, or other students.
Please move outside or to the pod if you need to take a phone call, or if you need to have a
discussion with another parent. While working in the classroom, please confer with a quiet
voice. Be especially sensitive to transition times, when students are entering or leaving the
classroom - we want to encourage calm, quiet transitions, and our modeling is important at
these times. Transitions are not a good time to discuss things with me, as I need to give my full
attention to supporting our children in their routines. Please wait until students are working
quietly and I would be happy to discuss any issues with you! 
Please let me know If you would prefer working on secretarial work at the parent table or in the workroom –
this work is also important!
Please let me know if you would like to be a parent partner with your own child (and his/her partner) – that
would be great, too, and builds a strong home-school connection.