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Williams Classroom Rules

4 Rules
Follow directions the first time
a. You may think your conversation si more important than what I am saying but the
student next to you maybe trying to listen and its not fair to steal timen , steal attent
steal focus bceaue you want to talk
2 Respect your classmate and teacher
Do not do that once I set my thing on the table – do not touch
3Raise your hand before speaking or leaving your seat
You will have lots of time to talk to each toher
4 Keep hands feet and objects to yourself
This is not elementary school anymore. If you do not have something, ask the teacher, not
another students. No borrowoing. Do not touch someone elses items
Behavior Expectations
1 We just came in from break/recesss
And now you ask to go to the bathroom?
Solution – go to the bathroom during break
If I am giving instructions you do not interrupt me and ask to go to the bathroom
You need to listen and know what I am saying to you
I am not going to repeat it
Later, when I am finished its ok to ask
Pay Attention with your face
a. If I can not see your eyes your lips, you are not paying attention
3. When the bell rings
Be in your assigned seat
Get out your materials
Check the board for instructions
-don’t ask question about what we are going to do