5F PRB choropleth maps

Seeing population patterns using choropleth
1. Go to the PRB DataFinder page
2. Build a map to show World Population Growth rates
3. Answer these questions:
Describe using examples the difference in growth rates between
Compare growth rates between North and South and East and
Which region has the highest population growth rate and which
has the lowest?
What is the range of population growth rates in South America?
Suggest reasons why some Eastern European countries have
negative growth rates
Suggest positive and negative effects of population decline on a
country such as Lithuania
4. Build a map to show the World Total Fertility rates
5. Answer these questions:
Describe the distribution of countries that are below the
replacement level of population
Niger has a Fertility rate of 7.1 children per woman. Look at the
other maps available (demographic, education etc.) and try to find
reasons to explain why Niger has such a high fertility rate. Use at
least five separate indicators in your explanation. Quote data to
support your points.
Geraint Langford 2013