World History Outline Exploration, the Atlantic World, and Absolutism

World History Outline
Exploration, the Atlantic World, and Absolutism
God, Glory, and Gold
a. Why did Europeans want to explore new routes?
b. Caravel
a. Trade outposts in Africa
b. Bartolomeu Dias
c. Spain enters the exploration race
i. Treaty of Tordesillas
d. Prince Henry of Portugal
i. Navigational Schools
Other Nations join the exploration race
a. The Dutch
i. Dutch East India Company
b. Britain
i. Relations with China
c. France
d. China
i. Why did they not want to industrialize?
e. Japan
i. Closed country policy
The Atlantic World
a. Columbus
i. Where did he actually land?
b. Hernando Cortes
i. Conquistadors
ii. Aztecs
c. Francisco Pizzarro
i. Inca
ii. Mestizo
iii. Encomienda
d. Why did they eventually decide to use Africans for slaves instead of natives?
e. France and the Atlantic World
i. New France
1. What was its main economic purpose?
f. Britain
i. Jamestown and New England
g. Dutch
i. New Netherlands
h. The Caribbean
The Atlantic Slave Trade
a. Atlantic Slave Trade
b. Who was the first to really become active in the slave trade?
i. Why did they need them?
c. England and the slave trade
d. Triangular trade
i. Describe each leg of the triangular trade
ii. Middle passage
The Columbian Exchange
a. Columbian Exchange
i. What was brought to America from Europe?
ii. What was brought to Europe from America?
b. Capitalism
c. Joint-stock companies
i. What was their main purpose
d. Mercantilism
e. Balance of trade
a. Absolute monarchs
i. Divine right
b. St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre
i. Huguenots
ii. Henry of Navarre
1. He converts to Catholicism
2. His people respond to his conversion
3. Edict of Nantes
c. Louis XIII
i. Cardinal Richelieu
1. What things did he do to strengthen the monarchs power?
d. Louis XIV
i. “I am the state”
ii. What kind of a ruler was he?
iii. Versailles
1. Why did he have this palace built?
2. Why did his nobles have to live there?
Absolutism in Russia
a. Ivan the terrible
i. Czar
b. Peter the Great
i. Why was he called The Great?
ii. Why did he have St. Petersburg built?
Monarchs in England
a. James II
i. How did he offend most of his people?
ii. What happens when Parliament protests some of his actions?
iii. Mary and William of Orange
1. Glorious Revolution
b. William and Mary gain power
i. New laws created
ii. Bill of rights
iii. Cabinet
Other important terms for the nine weeks exam
a. The Medici family
b. Gutenburg and his works
c. The Renaissance Man by Leonardo da Vinci
d. Cultural blending in the Ottoman Empire