Parents Helping Teens Prepare for Higher Education

Education. Go Get It.
College for Texans Campaign
Do you want your child to PLAN on
getting a College Education? We do!
Things you can do to help:
Discuss college with your
son or daughter
Let them know you would
like them to set goals for
after high school
Start a college savings for
your child
You child can earn $1 MILLION more
during their working career
Mean Earnings
Not HS Grad HS Grad
Associate's Bachelor's
Doctorate Professional
Does it matter what classes they
take in middle school?
Yes! Your child can earn high school credits
while in middle school.
Taking some classes in middle school will allow
them to take upper level classes sooner .
For example:
 Speech
 Language other than English
 Algebra I
Encourage your son or daughter to
prepare for higher education
Take challenging classes
Develop good study habits
Read as much as they can
Visit a college campus with them
Ask questions and use resources
Having fun can count, too!
Extracurricular activities
are ways to learn outside
the classroom.
Teens can:
 Mentor a younger student
 Engage in community
service by volunteering
 Explore possible careers
There’s a place for your child!
Public two year colleges
State technical universities
Public universities
Independent (private) institutions
Who goes to college?
Kids like yours!
More than a
million students
from different
are enrolled in
Texas colleges.
How will I help my child pay for
Financial aid can assist
persons from any background
pay for college. It doesn’t
matter if your child is:
 Economically
 Male or female
 The first in your family to
attend college
There is a type of financial aid
for everyone.
Types of financial aid:
 Scholarships
 Grants
 Work study / employment
 Students loans
 Parent loans
There is a type of financial
aid for everyone.
Call 1-888-311-8881 free of
charge and speak with a
College for Texans
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