Testing yourself: Climate and Climate Change

Testing Yourself Climate and Climate Change
____1.Climate can be determined on any given day.
___ 2. Weather can be determined on any given day.
___ 3. Climate is determined by latitude.
___ 4. Latitude is the distance east or west of the equator.
___ 5. A microclimate is a local area where the climate is different from the surrounding area.
___ 6. Warm air sinks because it is more dense than cold air.
___ 7. Oceanic circulation patterns can affect air temperature.
___ 8. Water changes temperature more slowly than land.
___ 9. Air heats up more slowly than land or water.
___ 10. Rainshadow effects are often observed near mountains.
rainshadow effect
differential heating and cooling
1. The long-term weather patterns determine an areas _________________.
2. A _______________ can be found in leaf litter on the forest floor because the
temperature is very different at the top than underneath the leaves.
3. Because of the ________________________, areas inland of mountainous regions do
not get as much precipitation as along the coast.
4. _____________ is determined by the daily atmospheric conditions.
5. Land heating up faster than water is known as ______________________.
___1. differential heating and cooling
___ 2. latitude
___ 3. climate
___ 4. weather
___ 5. microclimate
a. the distance north or south of the equator
b. water retains its temperature longer than air or land
c. long-term weather patterns determined by temperature and precipitation
d. A local atmospheric zone where the climate differs from the surrounding area.
e. atmospheric conditions on a given day
1.What is climate?
2. What determines climate?
3. What is differential heating and cooling?