French IV/UMKC 211-221

French IV/UMKC 211
Fall 2015-16
Mme. Walton
[email protected]
Room 914
5th hour Plan
Course Outline:
Description: This class is designed for students who wish further develop their
comprehensive and communicative skills in the language. Readings of moderate difficulty,
grammar review and practice in writing are incorporated. The goal is attainment of
intermediate proficiency in the language. An honor point may be earned for each semester
passed. Students may earn 3 hours of college credit per semester if they meet UMKC
prerequisites. A UMKC fee is required if this course is taken for college credit.
Objectives: To develop sufficient linguistic skills in speaking, reading, writing and
understanding in French to communicate at an elementary level—enough to perform simple
tasks in everyday situations using appropriate courtesy levels, and to be able to ask and
answer questions in short conversations.
Outcomes: 1. Describe and compare in French (in speech and in writing) several issues
facing contemporary society, significant aspects of francophone culture, and through chosen texts.
Discuss family and friends, and relationships, discuss different living settings (city/suburbs/small
towns/country, discuss the media in our society (tv, radio, internet, press, films), discuss civic
duties (vote, crime, court, politics etc.)
2. Write sentences, paragraphs and essays in French with a full range of
modes in different settings of formality. Narrate in speech and in writing
(with appropriate guidance) using object pronouns, relative pronouns, the
present, past(s), future(s), the conditional(s) and the subjunctive. The
main focus in 211 will be the present tense, futur proche and futur, passe
compose, imparfait and plus-que-parfait tenses.
3. Watch short French films with French subtitles and discuss the main
aspects of the plot and the cultural significance.
4. Read and analyze culturally significant (modified) texts with unfamiliar
vocabulary and storylines.
5. Listen to paragraph length narratives on (reasonably) familiar topics and
identify the main concepts and supporting details.
6. Communicate with another person in French by asking and answering
questions on a variety of topics, especially those of a personal nature and
those outlined in #1 above
Imaginez, Vista Higher Learning, 2011
Unités 1-4
25% Chapter Tests/Quizzes
40% Participation/Preparation (homework, classwork, etc.)
20% Compositions
5% Final Oral Project
10% Final Exam
Participation: To learn a foreign language you must actively participate in class
every day. This means listening, speaking, reading, writing and thinking in French
class. Taking an active role this way will ensure your success. Participation is also
expected at the Modern Language Fair in March.
Attendance: It is imperative to be in class daily in order to practice your language
skills. You can make up written work at home, but you cannot make up active
listening and speaking. Good attendance is a priority!
Homework: It will be necessary to commit to daily homework and French practice
outside the classroom. Come prepared daily!
Quizzes/Tests: You will have several quizzes and one test per chapter. We will do several
projects throughout
Make up/late work policy: 2 days to turn in missed work from an absence.
Schedule test/quiz makeup within 2-3 days. Late work is accepted up to one day for
½ credit.
Supplies: Bring your French folder to class daily. Come prepared with pencils or
pens (blue or black only).
Plagiarism/Cheating: Academic integrity is important! Your work should represent
your work and not that of another student or a translator.
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