ll.m. program for international students

 LL.M. PROGRAM FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS Skills Orientation. Our LL.M. program is designed to develop essential
lawyering skills, including analysis, research, writing, counseling and
negotiating, and to provide an introduction to the legal system in the United
Exceptional Value. Our school was ranked as one of the top-twenty values
for legal education in the U.S. At current pricing, the tuition and fees for the
LL.M. would be around $31,800. To make our program even more attractive
to students from different parts of the world, we offer generous partial
scholarships from $5000 to $20,000. The average scholarship at present is
approximately $12,000, with more than $140,000 in total scholarship
Support for Students. Our program is small, around 20 students, to ensure
personal attention. Student advising is done by the Associate Dean for
International Programs. We offer extra time on exams for ESL students, a
weekly tutorial to LL.M. students to help them understand their material,
get ready for class, take better notes and prepare for final exams. We also
offer a summer workshop and a course in Legal English.
Flexibility. LL.M. students select elective courses from the J.D. curriculum to
develop their own areas of emphasis. Common areas of emphasis include
Business & Entrepreneurial Law, International Law, American Law, and
Family Law. Students who perform well in the LL.M. can transfer to the J.D.
program without taking the LSAT. Students may elect to complete their
LL.M. in two or three semesters, and we recently initiated a January start for
the LL.M. program, so students can begin their LL.M. studies in either
August or January.
Diversity. In the 7 years of its existence, the program has trained students
from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Cameroon, China, Democratic
Republic of Congo, Germany, Honduras, India, Iraq, Kenya, Libya, The
Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, South Africa, Tajikistan, Taiwan
and Uzbekistan.
More information. To learn more about our school, please visit our website:
www.law.umkc.edu . For more information about the LLM program,
including the admissions process and degree and eligibility requirements,
see http://law.umkc.edu/academics/l-l-m-international.asp.
Contact. Aiman Dvorak at [email protected] or Nancy Kunkel at
[email protected]