Using Your Mobile As Modem On Win XP

Laptop/PC GPRS Configuration for Windows XP
Ways of Connecting your laptop
1. Using Bluetooth
2. Using data cable
3. Using infrared link
Before starting…
1. Subscription to GPRS is a prerequisite
2. Confirm that the handset supports IR reception
and same is available on your laptop
3. In case of connecting through data cable, make
sure the data cable is attached and the mobile is
detected by the computer
Laptop settings
• Click on to my computer and then
control panel
Click here
In printer and hardware option
• Click on to phone and modem setting
Click on phone & modem
Phone and modem tab
• In the modem tab select standard
modem over IR link
Phone and modem option
• Click on to dialing rules tab in the
phone and modem option
• Press edit button
Edit button
Edit location
• In the edit location window, click on
to the general tab
• Select tone option
• Press ok
Select tone
Phone and modem tab
• Click on the modem properties
Click on to properties
Modem properties
• Select maximum port speed
Modem properties
Click on to the advance tab and enter the extra initialization commands:
NOTE: Please do not copy paste the mentioned string, Only manual typing is required.
For Post Paid
For Pre Paid
For U-Mail Account
If your system is not being supported the above
string then type the following string.
For Post Paid
For Pre Paid
For U-Mail Account
Modem properties
• Confirm the correct initialization string,
in order to avoid any errors while
• Click on to the advance port settings
Click here
• In the advance port settings uncheck the use
FIFO buffers
• Select the com number currently in use
• Press ok button
COM in use
• Click on to change default
preferences button
• Select port speed to maximum
• Select hard ware flow control to none
• Press ok and exit modem properties
Max port speed
Flow control to none
Setting up a new dial up connection
• Go to my computer
control panel
• Click on to network and internet connection
Click here
• Click on to network connection
Click here
• Click on to create a new connection
Click here
• Click on to the next button on the
new connection wizard
Click next
• Select connect to the internet option
• Press next button
• Select “set up my connection manually”
• Press next button
Press next
• Select “connect using a dial up
• Press next
Press next
• Enter Ufone as ISP name
• Press next
Enter Ufone
Press next
• Enter *99***1# in the phone number field
• Press next
• Uncheck the options and leave the fields blank
• Press next
• Press next button to finish to complete the
connection wizard