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Ratifying the Constitution: Federalists and Anti-Federalists
Note Guide
In seeking to limit the power of
government, it is important to
specifically define what government
can and cannot do.
Circle one: Agree
1. What did John Jay learn in college?
2. How long did it take for all of the states to ratify the Constitution?
3. Why were many Americans “shocked” by the Constitution that came out of Philadelphia?
4. How did ratification work?
5. What did Federalists want?
a. Famous Federalists:
6. What did the Anti-Federalists want?
a. Famous Anti-Federalists:
7. Why did cities and small states lean toward the Federalist cause?
8. Why did rural communities and strong states lean towards the anti-Federalist cause?
9. What were the Federalist Papers?
10. What was (arguably) the strongest anti-Federalist argument?
11. What specific rights did the anti-Federalists want to be protected?
12. What is a Bill of Rights?
13. If most states already had Bills of Rights in their state constitutions, why did the anti-Federalists demand a
national (Federal) Bill of Rights?
14. Who wrote the Bill of Rights?
15. Briefly describe the function of the first ten amendments to the US Constitution:
5th through 8th
2nd and 3rd
16. Who was excluded from the Bill of Rights?
From the Now & Then inset:
17. How is South Africa’s Bill of Rights similar to ours?
18. How is South Africa’s Bill of Rights different from ours?