Algebra 1

Sharpened pencils (lots!), erasers, a red and
black or blue pen
A Binder with a notebook or loose leaf paper
divided into sections or notebooks and
Scientific Calculator
Computer access
Agenda book
Be a team player!
Be prepared
Complete homework and Study Island
Respect others, including substitute teachers!
If confused, know where to find the answer
and ASK for help!
Have high expectations and do your best!!
Leave the room with a PASS only after
signing out
 Relationships between Quantities
 Linear Relationships
 Exponential and Quadratic
 Advanced Functions and Equations
 Data Analysis
 To enjoy class and learn some
 To test into CP or Honors
Geometry at North
 To succeed at a high level on the
 Username: first initial(capital)last
name(capital first letter)12
 Ex: CBimble12
Password: password1
Redemption code: 2vc9-8fhd-06p0
Assigned daily
Each assignment is worth one point
All homework is posted on the Easel
 Homework is also posted on the parent
page of the website
 If confused and you can’t find the
answer at the above mentioned places,
phone a friend!
Log in information:
How is it used??
Why use it?
How is it graded?
Weekly Log sheet
 A.
They are mean!
 B. They think student’s don’t
have a life
 C. To reinforce skills taught in
 D. All of the above
 A.
 B. Every night
 C. Once a week
 D. All of the above?
A. Completing half of it
B. Completing the entire assignment in
pencil (or a strong showing of effort)
 C. Completing your assignment in pen
 D. Completing your assignment but
showing NO WORK
 A.
On the white board
 B. On Mrs. Race’s Webpage
 C. Listen when Mrs. Race assigns
 D. All of the above
Completion is graded daily
Each homework assignment is worth
one point
 Students who consistently complete
homework earn higher grades regardless
of the percentage it’s worth towards your
 Tests are worth 60 points.
 Tests will be announced at least three days in
 Additional points can be earned on a test if it
is corrected, with all mistakes explained and
then corrected, with all work shown, and it
must be returned within a week of the return
of the test. The test CANNOT leave this room.
Quizzes are given to monitor student
progress and to reinforce previously learned
 Quizzes may or may not be announced
 That means there can be POP quizzes!!
 Quizzes are worth 30 points
 Alternate Assessments (each
worth five points)
 Study Island (weekly lessons)
 group based effort/participation
 Spiral reviews on
You are responsible to obtain all information
and complete all work missed during an
absence. This includes setting up times to
make up tests and quizzes.
Use your Activity Period WISELY!