Client Support Specialist

Modern Survey measures workforce intensity — that fire in a company’s belly that makes all
things possible. Our human capital measurement software combines feedback, benchmarks and
data from enterprise systems to elucidate the correlation between employee performance and
company success. We analyze the stuff your talent management system can’t — so companies
know what to do next. We are Modern Survey. And we are relentless.
Are you relentless? Are you extraordinary? Modern Survey is a company poised for remarkable
growth and we are looking for an individual interested in working with other extraordinary
people dedicated to changing the way people work. Modern Survey’s innovative team is
committed to doing what is necessary to get the job done while providing exceptional high
quality service. Are you that person? Do you bring your best to work every day? If so, you will fit
in well with the Modern Survey culture.
We’re looking for a talented Client Support Specialist to provide technical expertise in Modern
Survey’s suite of best-in-class enterprise human capital software and outstanding support both
inside and outside the organization. Client Support Specialists form a critical part of our Service
Delivery team. Become an expert using our enterprise software platform and apply analyst skills
to solve problems and deliver solutions to clients. Engage with Modern Survey’s leading-edge
clients to diagnose problems, offer solutions and support services with a professional attitude
and superior level of service. Participate in project planning and design surrounded by a skilled
team of developers, testers, project managers and support specialists. Use database and
reporting skills to develop strategic insights.
Implement client solutions using our suite of human capital management software and
supporting technologies.
Tasks include reviewing requirements and understanding best practices; program setup,
administration and reporting; client demonstrations and training.
Become an expert in our product and supporting technologies. Use your software
expertise to research, troubleshoot, and resolve questions or issues in a timely manner.
Develop data skills by analyzing client data, preparing data files and specifying and
producing reports. Develop analyst skills by applying expertise to solve complex client
Support a portfolio of ongoing enterprise client relationships through managing incoming
support and maintain focus on resolving customer cases quickly and effectively.
Test customer problems, log issues and work with developers to identify solutions or
workarounds. Find and advocate for software and process improvements.
Effectively prioritize and escalate customer issues as required.
Excellent analytical, problem solving, and multi-tasking skills.
Professional written and verbal communications skills.
Ability to work effectively with teams or individually with minimal supervision.
Toll Free: 866.876.8242
[email protected]
A strong desire to delight clients and provide exceptional service.
Ability to manage to deadlines and deliver on commitments.
Openness and aptitude for learning new skills and software.
Proficiency in MS Office Suite (especially Word and Excel. Access and Visio are a plus.)
Exposure to or experience with databases, statistical or reporting programs is a plus.
Aptitude for data, information, business intelligence, analysis and reporting
Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Business Administration, Engineering, Mathematics,
or equivalent is preferred.
Toll Free: 866.876.8242
[email protected]
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